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A New Family (The Bart Northcote Series Book 3) by Murray Lee Eiland Jr. (A Review)

A Review by Don Sloan Dirk Dixon’s dough has disappeared. He’s been shorn like a prize sheep, fleeced by a finagling ¬†femme fatale, screwed like a — never mind; you get the picture. Luckily, he has one of the best private investigators in modern fiction on the case, and the resulting story is truly one…

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The Night of the Eleventh Sun by Steven Burgauer (A Review)

  Transport yourself back 40,000 years, and watch a life-and-death drama unfold. Strong Arms, and his mate Brown Curls, are waiting patiently for a huge antler-animal to grow weak so they can finally kill it. It’s been two days since the big beast fell into a glacial depression, fashioned into a trap by the pair.…

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The Ishtar Cup by Murray Lee Eiland Jr. (A Review)

Beautiful women are typically trouble for hardboiled private detectives. Add to that a fabulously valuable golden artifact, a professional hit man, an elusive Iraqi diplomat and a couple of pointblank murders, and you have the first excellent installment in the Bart Northcote series by standout author Murray Lee Eiland, Jr. Northcote, the hardboiled P.I., accepts…

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Read Cheaply: The Explosion of Free and Discounted Book Sites

read cheaply

Read Cheaply You love to read. And why not? The cost of books has never been lower, and they have never been so readily available. With the advent of the Internet have come dozens of discount book websites where you can download books from both established writers and brand-new Independent authors. The amount of new…

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Free and Discounted Books: Where to Find Them Easily

Free and Discounted Books

Free and Discounted Books In this world of readily available, downloadable ebooks, the reader is clearly the beneficiary. More and more titles are sent straight to the ginormous Amazon bookshelves and offered via WiFi and datastream to a voracious reading public worldwide. In fact, Amazon offers estimates of book numbers sold daily on the World…

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