Action Adventure

 Action Adventure


What She Knew: A Novel

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My Sister’s Grave 

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Kubrick’s Game

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The Sound of Broken Glass: A Novel 

Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story by Jean Grainger (Author)

Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story

News of the World: A Novel by Paulette Jiles (Author)

News of the World: A Novel

Alaska: A Novel by James A. Michener (Author), Steve Berry (Introduction)

Alaska: A Novel

The Long and Faraway Gone: A Novel Kindle Edition by Lou Berney (Author)

The Long and Faraway Gone: A Novel

 The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards (Author)

The Devil’s Work

 Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel (Author)


All the Beautiful Brides by Rita Herron (Author)

All the Beautiful Brides 

The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards (Author)

The Devil’s Work

Elizabeth Is Missing: A Novel Kindle Edition by Emma Healey (Author)

Elizabeth Is Missing: A Novel

 Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel (Author)


The Heiress of Linn Hagh by Karen Charlton (Author)

The Heiress of Linn Hagh 

 PHANTASIA by M. U. Riyadad (Author)


The 7th Canon by Robert Dugoni (Author)

The 7th Canon

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller (Author)

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

 Jack London: 11 Great Novels by Jack London (Author)

Jack London: 11 Great Novels


Circle of Bones

Adventure North by Sean Bloomfield (Author

Adventure North

Finding Rebecca by Eoin Dempsey (Author)

Finding Rebecca


The Given Day: A Novel by Dennis Lehane (Author)

The Given Day: A Novel 


Paying The Piper

For years, the serial kidnapper known as the Piper got rich by abducting children from San Francisco’s wealthiest families.

When crime reporter Scott Fleetwood gets a call from a man identifying himself as the Piper and offers an exclusive interview, Fleetwood jumps at the chance. But the caller turns out to be a fake, and the rash decision costs the life of the real Piper’s latest victim.

For eight long years, Fleetwood has lived with unbearable guilt—and the enduring disdain of the entire Bay area. Now he hears from the real Piper—and it’s not for an interview. The kidnapper has the reporter’s son. But he doesn’t want money…he wants blood. And he’s going to use Fleetwood to get it.

In the tradition of Harlan Coben and Gregg Hurwitz, Simon Wood weaves a plot thick with suspense and heavy with action. Paying the Piper grabs hold from page one and doesn’t let go until new debts are paid and old scores settled.

From Publishers Weekly

After an eight-year hiatus, the elusive serial kidnapper dubbed the Piper is once again commanding headlines in San Francisco after abducting Sammy, one of newspaper reporter Scott Fleetwood’s young sons. However, where the Piper’s previous crimes had been motivated by money—kids returned unharmed in exchange for millions in ransom—this one appears to be personal: the Piper holds Fleetwood responsible for botching his last kidnapping, costing the Piper a cool two million and forcing him to resort to murder. The victim in that case was the only child of wealthy real estate mogul Charles Rooker, who has now stepped forward to fund the Piper’s ransom demand for Sammy, while helping Fleetwood and the FBI nail his son’s killer. Before Sammy can come home, however, the Piper has more grueling maneuvers than a demented drill sergeant to put these characters through. Wood, in his sophomore effort (following Accidents Waiting to Happen), keeps the pages flying even as his plot gets more and more complex, accelerating nicely toward an elegant climax. (Nov.)

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My obsession was born of innocence and good intentions, and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue. It was raining sideways that morning, and my plan was to return it the next day; safe and dry.

Only I kept it.

I kept it, and I read it.

A week later, overwhelmed with curiosity and feeling guilty for harboring secrets that didn’t belong to me, I tried to return it.

Only I wasn’t expecting to meet him.

Unapologetically heartless and enigmatically sexy, he claims he knows nothing about the journal I found outside his place, but the reticent glint in his blue-green gaze tells me otherwise.

There’s something different about him; something damaged yet magical, and I’m drawn to him; pulled into his orbit.

There’s just one problem.

The more I get to know him, the more I’m positive the journal belonged to him . . .

. . . and the more I find myself hoping, selfishly, that I’m wrong.

I don’t know where to begin. Winter Renshaw blew me away with this book. Ace is a moody, retired baseball pitcher. After a car wreck destroyed his shoulder, no amount of physical therapy could bring him back to the pitching mound. He seems to growl at people throughout the book.

Aidy is a make-up artist that finds a journal one day while out on a walk. She reads the journal, and immediately starts to feel a connection to the guy writing these entries. Aidy makes the decision to return the journal and meets Ace. Ace denies that the journal is his, and Aidy leaves with it again.

Aidy and Ace’s lives continue to cross paths. Is this destiny? As the two spend time together, Aidy and Ace start to fall in love with each other, but Aidy can’t forget about the journal and the fact that Ace won’t share his past with her. The twist that comes in the book causing Ace to confront and share his past, I would never of thought of. The truth of the journal was a complete shocker.

Winter Renshaw hit a homerun with Heartless, because in the end Ace wasn’t heartless. He just needed Aidy to bring his heart to life again. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The Spy House

In the fifth electrifying thriller featuring Will Cochrane, the Intelligence agent must solve the unsolvable: How did four international agents working on a super-secret mission die in a safe house bunker that was locked from the inside?

Critics have called Will Cochrane a “ruthless yet noble” (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram), “one-man weapon of mass destruction” (Daily Telegraph)—a brilliant agent from whom “Bond and Bourne could learn a thing or two” (Madison County Herald). His latest assignment will plunge him into the thorny politics of the Middle East. The stakes: averting a war that could engulf the world in flames.

When the Israeli ambassador to France is shot dead in Paris by an unknown sniper, the Israeli government blames Hamas and begins planning a massive invasion to obliterate the terrorist organization once and for all. To avoid an all-out war, three members of the UN Security Council—the United States, France, and the United Kingdom—assemble a team of intelligence agents to uncover the truth behind the assassination.

But when the team stops responding and all four agents are found dead in a bunker locked from the inside, they turn to freelance intelligence operative Will Cochrane for answers. To find out what really happened in the Paris shooting and in the bunker and prevent an unwinnable war, Cochrane will use his years of knowledge and experience to unravel the truth . . . and maybe just keep himself alive.


“Another page-turner… A locked-room twist on the espionage novel… Dunn maintains his up-tempo pace without sacrificing character development and while allowing the tension to build incrementally. The ending makes clear that another entry in the series is on the way, and it can’t arrive fast enough.” (Booklist)

“For those who love a good twist, there’s not one but three at the very end (even to the last sentence of the story). Nobody is who they seem, except perhaps Will Cochrane.” (

“A timely story of espionage and intrigue… Chilling.” (Iron Mountain Daily News)

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C.J. Townsend is a brilliant prosecutor known for keeping her cool even when trying the most horrific cases. The latest: an accused serial killer who savors cruelty and considers murder an art. But this case is different. C.J. recognizes the suspect. She knows what he’s capable of. After all these years, she still has the nightmares to prove it. Now she’s walking the fine line between justice and revenge. Even C.J. isn’t prepared for where it will take her.

Book 1 in the C.J. Townsend trilogy.

From Publishers Weekly

With this graphic serial killer/courtroom thriller, debut novelist Hoffman joins the lengthening list of high-powered legal ladies whose professional expertise serves as the basis for authentic, insider crime fiction. Blond, beautiful law student Chloe Larson is looking forward to a great future with successful New York businessman Michael Decker. Her expectations are shattered forever after a madman in a clown mask rapes and tortures her until she is near death. She survives physically, but psychologically slips into an extended mental breakdown. Twelve years later she’s dyed her hair mousy brown and become unassuming, hardworking C.J. Townsend, assistant chief of the Miami Dade State Attorney’s office. A suspiciously lucky break nets serial killer suspect William Bantling, and C.J. takes over the prosecution as part of her normal workload. When Bantling stands up in court and speaks, C.J. realizes he’s the man who raped her years ago. C.J. learns that the statute of limitations has run out on her rape and that her involvement in that case might very well cause Bantling to be freed on a technicality. Love interest Special Agent Dominick Falconetti knows there is something seriously wrong as C.J.’s mental state begins to deteriorate, but she brushes off his concern and immerses herself in her work on the case. The far-fetched resolution will throw some readers, but Hoffman compensates with a compellingly horrific villain and an undeniably exciting final confrontation.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist

Hoffman comes on to the scene with a vengeance in her debut novel. It’s 1988, and Chloe, fresh out of law school and cramming for the New York State bar exam, has her future shattered when she is brutally raped and maimed; she blows off the exam and her would-be fiancé because she is so haunted by the crime and the indelible mark it has left on her life. Cut to 2000; there is a serial rapist on the loose who doesn’t just injure his victims, he carves out their hearts and leaves them for dead in conspicuous places. On the case is compassionate officer Dominick Falconetti of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and when a suspect is found, Dominick is teamed with C. J. Townsend of the Major Crimes Unit of the state’s attorney’s office. Together the talented cop (male) and aggressive prosecutor (female) build the case against the creep, but there is an urgency to C. J.’s actions that makes Dominick wonder about her motivation. This is a fine first novel, with twists and turns of the highest order and an ending that is downright breathtaking. Mary Frances Wilkens

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The Black Prism 

Gavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. But Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live: Five years to achieve five impossible goals.

But when Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he’s willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.

From Publishers Weekly

With this complicated fantasy about family politics, bestseller Weeks (The Way of Shadows) moves into familiar territory. An unloved, orphaned boy is the offspring of someone important; twins assume each other’s identities; an aged ruler clings to power. Weeks manages to ring new tunes on these old bells, letting a deep background slowly reveal its secrets and presenting his characters in a realistically flawed and human way. Gavin Guile is facing his final five years as leader of a magical college whose members turn colors of light into various materials. Seeking to rectify the lingering wrongs from the war against his twin, Dazen, he is instead forced to acknowledge a bastard son, face down a corrupt governor, and stop a challenge to the state religion. Frequent perspective shifts keep the reader guessing as to who is heretic and who is hero. Author tour.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


“Brent Weeks is so good it’s starting to tick me off.”—Peter V. Brett, New York Times bestselling author of The Desert Spear

“Weeks manages to ring new tunes on…old bells, letting a deep background slowly reveal its secrets and presenting his characters in a realistically flawed and human way.”—Publishers Weekly on The Black Prism

The Blinding Knife is a wonderful work of high fantasy with engaging characters facing the perfect antagonists, set in a creatively-wrought and increasingly chaotic world brimful of imaginative magic and interesting politics. Weeks holds fast to the traditions of his genre while adding a compelling new flavor.”—The Ranting Dragon

“One of the best fantasies I’ve ever read.”—Staffer’s Book Review on The Blinding Knife

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Bound by Duty 

Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder, but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control, but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and doesn’t even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky southern girl, or fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is, not what she will become.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head win the battle, or her heart?

As the debut novel for Stormy Smith, I have to say she did an amazing job! Hook, line and sinker. This book had me from the very beginning and kept me until the very intense end.

The characters were fun to get to know. The relationships they had with each other were true and you can really relate to them…from her protective brother, to her outgoing best friend. The story was full of emotions, roller coaster rides, love, magic, drama, action, heartache, humor…I just loved it from beginning to end. How can you go wrong with all those elements!

Stormy is a very talented writer, you would never guess this is her first. She has a way of throwing you right into the story, making you feel as if you were one of the characters. I 100% recommend this book!


All my favorite things wrapped up in one book! Magic. Monarchy. Mystery. And Mouth-watering Men. These “m”s are all here in this book about a college student named Amelia who is desperate for the freedom of choice that her peers all seem to have. But does Amelia really have a choice? She has magic she cannot control or understand, and she has a destiny that was forced upon her since birth. What she wants is impractical and impossible. Or is it?

You guys, I LOVED this story. I loved the power within Amelia. I loved the struggle she faced as her power grew more and more untamed. I loved the relationship between Amelia and her brother, Cole. I loved Amelia’s best friend, Bethany. And I loved how female Elders are more powerful than male Elders. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no feminist. But I do get excited when men get put in their place just a little bit.

And most of all, I loved that the plot was constantly thickening, evolving, and moving forward. I was always intrigued, always hungrily trying to figure out the unknown before it was revealed, and always surprised with something new that I hadn’t seen coming.

Looking forward to book two!!!!

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Circle of Bones


Sex and adventure meet history and intrigue in this breathless nautical thriller that spans decades to imagine a fascinating answer to the real-life mystery of the vanished French sub,Surcouf.

When Maggie Riley sets sail for the Caribbean, all she wants is a little R&R before starting a work assignment in Dominica.

The last thing Maggie expects is to rescue Cole Thatcher, a sexy—but possibly nuts—conspiracy-spouting archaeologist found swimming nude off the island of Guadeloupe. It turns out Cole is searching for the wreckage of a vanished World War II submarine, claiming it holds millions in gold coins and classified documents from a powerful inner circle of the secret society Skull and Bones.

Maggie has enough skeletons to deal with. But when she learns her own past may intersect this inner circle of Bonesmen, she realizes Cole might not be so crazy after all—and joining him in the search for the sub may be her only course to uncover a hidden truth.

‘Authentic’ was the word that kept coming to mind as I read this breathless thriller. Authenticity in Riley’s personal journey as she’s haunted by memories of her dead brother and the reality of her father, in her relationship with the obsessed, not-so-crazy Cole, in their search for the lost submarine, the Surcouf, and in the threat of a very real conspiracy. Every angle of the story rang true, which made it all the more terrifying. And then there’s the exquisite detail and accuracy of the historical flashbacks, the nautical scenes, when you could swear the sea is splashing in your face or sucking you under. Christine Kling is a wonderful, vivid writer, and that alone would make CIRCLE OF BONES a great read. But add to that an edge-of-your seat plot, an intriguing determined heroine, a tense romantic situation, and a conspiracy that will chill you to the bone, and I’d have to say that CIRCLE OF BONES is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time.

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 The human search for a solution to disease and physical decay has driven many to go to extreme measures.

Dr. Carl Stanley’s efforts are no exception, his creation, Marie becomes the picture of physical perfection; possessing the ability to heal at a rapid rate. She has been groomed from infancy to apply her gifts in the service of war. However even a woman given all the physical gifts in the world is not immune to pain and suffering.

One can only be pushed so far before pushing back. Can they handle what they have created….Can she?

Sometimes the cure is far more dangerous than the disease…..

Marie by Ana Elise Meyer will catapult the reader through this action thriller with twists and turns. It will surprise and shock even in the final pages!! The heroine, Marie, is a strong but tortured woman, trying to resolve the traumatic events that have been thrust upon her. Taken as an infant and raised by a secret, government organization determined to create the perfect warrior, Marie is forced to conform to the rigors and hazards of this elite existence. That is, until she discovers the one person willing to defy her controllers and escape with her. But, there is no freedom for the ‘perfect’ warrior, not without a price. This is the first thriller novel on my bookshelf, and I’m happy, I gave it a chance. For a fast-paced story with a formidable heroine, a diverse cast of characters and a terrific set-up for the sequel, Marie will not disappoint. I highly recommend it.

John Tyler is looking for funding a program that will research ways to help humans heal faster from serious injuries–in order to better humanity. What he gets instead is the story of Marie, and how experiments have already given her that ability. This military experiment had darker motives: to create unstoppable killing machines.

The story is fast-paced, with plenty of action. If you like exploding bombs, and assassins out for revenge, you’ll be certain to enjoy this story. Without giving anything away, it has some great twists and the perfect ending to set the reader up for the story to continue without leaving loose ends to the first book.

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The Reluctant Adventures of Fletcher Connolly on the Interstellar Railroad


Fletcher Connolly hasn’t got a lot to lose. Since he, and half the galaxy, signed on to the rat race of the technological relics trade, Fletch has long since come to terms with the idea that he will join the ranks of the unlucky explorers that perish lightyears from home without a dime to his name.

As the first mate of an old, decrepit exploration ship–the Skint Idjit–things can’t get much worse. As if that isn’t enough, he has a hard time convincing himself his luck is bound to change when he finds himself stranded on the planet Suckass, on a remote branch of the Interstellar Railroad. With his new assignment an unlikely candidate to hide alien treasures, true to his personality, Fletch settles down to work on his tan.

But when disaster strikes and a member of his crew is killed, Fletch finds himself torn between loyalty to the surviving crew and the siren song of an unsuspected trove of A-tech.

Can Fletch save the Skint Idjit and her crew from a horrible death? Or will he ignore their dying screams and laugh all the way to the bank?

This was one of those books that you can just really let yourself enjoy. This is the first book in a new series by Mr Savage and I think he just wanted to try something different and it is different . I loved it ! The characters are already developed fairly well at least the ones so far. I just could not put this book down . The book had many things going for it and was funny and a joy to read. Nice work Mr Savage , I think you enjoyed yourself writing this one and I can’t wait until the next one.

I found this story to be very entertaining and difficult to put down. It is light reading as a space adventure story that does not require much analysis or thought. It is one of those books that you can get lost in the story and just go along as you read. If you like to read just to go with the flow of the story for distraction from the world this is one of the good ones. The interstellar railroad from which the story line evolves is a new idea to me and rather interesting. I await the sequel with anticipation.

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The Neon Lawyer


With money and hope in short supply, newly minted attorney Brigham Theodore decides it’s time to lower his standards. He joins a seedy fly-by-night firm in Salt Lake City out of desperation. After he loses his first case—a speeding ticket—he’s convinced his career is over. But to his shock, his boss hands him a slightly more complex case: capital murder.

Brigham’s new client is Amanda Pierce, a lost, exhausted woman who gunned down the man who tortured and killed her six-year-old daughter. A jury may prove sympathetic to her unbearable pain, but the law is no fan of vigilante justice—and neither is Vince Dale, the slick and powerful prosecutor who’s never lost a murder case. There’s no question that Amanda pulled the trigger—she did it in front of five witnesses. If she pleads guilty, she will avoid a death sentence, but saving her life this way comes with an admission that what she did was wrong. However, if she refuses the “guilty” label, Brigham will have no choice but to fight for his career—and Amanda’s life.

Revised edition: This edition of The Neon Lawyer includes editorial revisions.

As a criminal defense lawyer for more than thirty years, I highly recommend this book to all; but especially to trial lawyers. The practice of law can be an easy road to apathy. Lawyers must endure the wrath of the court, the prosecutors, the victims, and even the community in which they live. Our role is essential to preserving the constitutional rights we so cherish, but this is often forgotten until someone is in need of our services. This book not only gives an inside look at the practice of law, but serves as an inspiration to the battle worn lawyers who may not have the time to remember that we are here to seek justice.

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Twenty Years After

D’Artagnan and his swashbuckling friends reunite to vanquish forces of evil and injustice in the sequel to The Three Musketeers

Two decades after a brash young adventurer teamed with master swordsmen Athos, Porthos, and Aramis to defeat Cardinal Richelieu and his seductive spy, Milady de Winter, France stands on the brink of civil war. Inspired by Oliver Cromwell’s persecution of King Charles I in England, bloodthirsty crowds threaten the youthful monarch, Louis XIV; his regent mother, Queen Anne; and their devious chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin.

To protect the sovereignty of the crown, Mazarin commissions d’Artagnan to find the three Musketeers and return them to the queen’s service. The mission takes on an even greater urgency when the vengeful Mordaunt, son of Milady, picks up the quartet’s trail. From a dramatic duel in London to an explosive showdown on the English Channel to a climactic confrontation in the streets of Paris, d’Artagnan and his friends wage an epic battle on behalf of truth, honor, and justice.

This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Praise for Alexandre Dumas
“The name Alexandre Dumas is more than French—it is universal.” —Victor Hugo

“No part of the world has ever seemed to me so charming as these pages, and not even my friends are quite so real, perhaps quite so dear, as d’Artagnan.” —Robert Louis Stevenson on The Man in the Iron Mask

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The Shark 


At the grisly murder scene of a teen prostitute, Virginia state trooper Riley Tatum’s past roars back to haunt her. When she was a teenage runaway, she was kidnapped, drugged, and left unconscious on the streets. She has no memories of what happened, only strange recurring dreams of two men playing cards.

Former FBI agent Clay Bowman, Riley’s old flame, is Shield Security’s newest member. He’s plagued by the unsolved case of a serial killer nicknamed the Shark who murdered girls as part of a sadistic poker game. Only one girl survived. With the Shark now bent on evening that score, Clay has a chilling suspicion: Riley is the girl who escaped the Shark’s deadly amusement—and she is his next prey.

As the Shark gets ready to play his hand, can Riley and Clay stop him—or will this killer finally claim the one who got away?

From Publishers Weekly

Burton’s launches her Forgotten Files series with the dark tale of Riley Tatum, a Virginia state trooper who is still struggling to remember what happened when she was kidnapped in New Orleans as a teen. When she discovers a body that resembles her physically and has the same high-quality playing cards on it that were found on Riley years ago, she realizes that she might have escaped a worse fate than she imagined. The case also brings in Clay Bowman, formerly both an FBI agent and Riley’s lover, who is now working for the private contractor Shield Security. Their personal reconnection increases as their investigation reveals more about Riley’s past and the titular villain, a man who makes his opponents in card games ante up young girls whom they must kill if they lose. Burton throws in a number of twists and a nice variety of characters, including Riley’s foster daughter, Hanna; Shield’s eponymous founder; and Duke, Riley’s father figure, who helped her get her life back together. This romantic thriller is tense, sexy, and pleasingly complex.


“Precise storytelling complete with strong conflict and heightened tension are the highlights of Burton’s latest. With a tough, vulnerable heroine in Riley at the story’s center, Burton’s novel is a well crafted, suspenseful mystery with a ruthless villain who would put any reader on edge. A thrilling read.” RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

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Stormy Cove


As a globe-trotting freelance photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lori Finning has seen just about everything. But when she lands an assignment on the barren, snow-swept island of Newfoundland, she finds herself in harsh and unfamiliar territory.

During the long, dreary winters in the isolated fishing community of Stormy Cove, gossiping is the primary pastime. So Lori is surprised when she learns of a crime the locals have spent twenty years not talking about: the strange, unsolved murder of a teenage girl. As she delves deeper into the village’s past, she’ll discover dark family secrets, unexplained crimes, and an undeniable attraction to Noah, a taciturn local fisherman who just might hold all the answers.

“Stormy Cove” is much more than a thrilling page turner. The story is profoundly human allowing insight into a reality and dynamic of a small fishing village located on one of the most eastern corners of Canada that is exotic and familiar at the same time. The characters have become my friends, my allies, my neighbors and my foes. The author keeps exploring, questioning and seducing us to look below the surface of the human condition. Could I pace myself reading the book? No chance – therefore the novel is still sitting on my bedside table demanding to be read again with more patience and calmness. The consequences, I want to read more of Bernadette’s stories, and yearn for this magic landscape I became familiar with without having ever been there, not yet. Bernadette Calonego is an outstanding story teller who crafts her journalistic rigor, playful and vibrant imagination into her very own style – a true art.

Although initially, I was not sure what I would make of Stormy Cove, a tale about a small fishing village in Newfoundland, I found the book very well written and the characters and plot captivating. Lori Finning, a free-lance, globe-trotting photographer based in Vancouver, lands a job to produce a coffee table book about vanishing communities in Newfoundland. Thus, Lori finds herself in Stormy Cove, one such fishing community. The villagers are a closely knit bunch, but welcome Lori and become interested in and ready to help with her project. However, this small community has a dark secret it hides and will not readily speak about: the disappearance and death of a young girl as well as of a young married woman and the subsequent suicide of this woman’s husband. Almost immediately after arriving, Lori is befriended by a strong, silent type fisherman, Noah. While working on her book, Lori delves into the community’s past, trying to piece together what exactly happened and how or if these three events are tied together and to the town. Noah will help her bridge the gaps between her own life and perceptions and those of the townsfolk.

This is a well written, fascinating book. It grabbed me almost from the start and help my attention throughout. Lori’s and Noah’s characters are well developed, as is their growing friendship/relationship. The town population is like any other in any other small town, interested and filled with town gossip and speculation, knowledgeable about almost everything that goes on in the town practically before or while it happens. Sometimes Lori hits a dead end in her search or is thrown a red herring, but, throughout it all, Lori perseveres looking for the information she needs while continuing to work on her coffee table book. Her patron, a mysterious woman from a publishing house, is also an enigma in the story. I figured out what was really going on about half way through, but kept at it to see if my suspicions were correct. The book is well done. Sometimes, translated books lose something in the translation and just do not give the punch they are meant to give, but this one reads as if there was no translation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will look for more by this author. I think anyone who enjoys a well written mystery will like this one. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.

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BOOK DESCRIPTION:Inhuman is Book 5 in the bestselling, award-winning, science fiction smash hit phenomenon, Post-Human series. This 400-plus pages, 109k word epic science fiction adventure story (twice as long as any other individual book in the series) readers will get to rejoin all of the characters they fell in love with along the way in the previous 4 books.Inhuman not only ties the first four books together, it also broadens the mystery, introduces a new villain, one that has been lurking in the background throughout, and that will trump any villain in the history of suspense literature, film, or science fiction. V-SINN is its name, and, and in this epic thriller, it may just be too much for the post-humans to handle. Inhuman is to thePost-Human science fiction series as The Empire Strikes Back was to Star Wars–the middle act when revelations emerge, old sins come back to haunt, and the mysterious journey of the heroes that readers have fallen in love with deepens, darkens, and entertains to a whole new level. Post-Human fans, science fiction fans, and fans of thriller, action, suspense and adventure fiction will be not be disappointed with this epic middle act! Enjoy!


Great continuation of the story! Answering questions, settling old grievances, creating new questions and grievances. I am a big Sci-fi fan and this series delivers fascinating scenarios, new ideas that really make you think and wonder, and a fun ride. There is nothing I don’t like about this series! You definitely get the bang for your buck, (pun intended) no short stories here.
Eagerly awaiting the next installation. 🙂

I eagerly await the latest book. I’ll try to be patient because David Simpson is human. I need Mr. Simpson to see where this is going, there are so many questions only he can answer.

Understand that I am an older fan and read books by authors the likes of Norton, McCaffery and Heinlein to name just a few. I don’t often find books I will read as eagerly. I just read this book in one day, one sitting and recommend you begin on a weekend for the same reason.

Follow life into the future. It builds on technology we currently have and takes flight. Our potential is unlimited. Humanity has reached a level of life with a division in belief, technology that allows advances in human life but some who are absolutely opposed to interference with life in the body. They have developed tech to a point where computers are so powerful they assist in everything. The universe is opening to us.

Please give this series a try. Start at the first book for full understanding. Mr Simpson writes in such a manner that you can see the story unfold in your minds eye. This is a complete book but you will enjoy it so much more with the history of the previous books. This book begins in the middle of the lives of those involved in the story. I think you will enjoy it.

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Black Virus

Virus. Chaos. Survival.

Alienated in a world where he doesn’t fit in, Christian Black survives because he’s different. Then the virus came, and made the world turn different, too.

Now people are dying by the million. Food supplies are short. Riots are blazing through the streets, and Christian’s only goal is to keep his family alive. But safety lies far from the city, and just getting out will be tougher than anyone knows.

If you read my harsh review of Black Rust, then you know that I have no qualms about pointing out flaws in an author’s writing. I didn’t like Black Rust. I didn’t like the story, and I certainly did not like the main character. Black Virus, however, is several years before Black Rust. It covers a time when Christian Black as an individual and society as a whole still had some sense of humanity. This story humanizes Christian Black in a way that Black Rust dehumanizes him. In Black Rust, the government is a vicious and quite frankly hypocritical entity with actions that contradict its stated goals. In Black Virus, we learn that the government was not always bad. In this prequel we watch the government struggling with the harsh choices that needed to be made between bad and worse alternatives as it tries to adapt to a new and dangerous reality. Black Virus is the beginning of the end; it is a time when there remained some hope for society. Even though I know what follows, I can’t help but appreciate how sympathetically the author manages to draw the same protagonist and government which so disgusted me in Black Rust.

Plot: In this prequel to Black Rust, we see the beginning of the crisis created by a new virus. We slowly watch the world beginning to fall apart in the first place and the first of many unconscionable decision by the government which leads to the horrible realities in Black Rust. Through the eyes of a young Christian Black, we see how his life’s realities have created in him a certain ambivalence towards violence under the right circumstances and how he developed, mainly out of necessity, his cold heart. Whether or not you agree with the decisions he makes at different junctures in this novella, Adair’s writing style leaves you no choice but to feel sympathy towards young Christian Black. This short novella shows he really wasn’t always an unlikable person.

After reading this short story, I think that Black Rust simply needed a good 2-3 more months in the writing/thinking phase to work out some of the bumps. The story line in Black Rust was extremely rough. However, after reading the prequel, I can see some hope for this series after all.

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First they had to survive the island … then each other … then their rescuer.

All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines. Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore a jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors. Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways.

Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rescues a young girl and her elderly great-aunt from the same ship. They badly need Jake’s survival skills, but why is he so maddeningly careful? She needs to hurry home to nail a significant career trial. And, please, before Jake learns her secret that she’s responsible for his wife’s death.

The first thing I look for in a story – before plot, before prose, before any of the millions of writing “rules” an author is supposed to follow – is HEART. Don and Stephanie Prichard nailed it. Don’t expect an easy read – and by “easy,” I mean read-and-forget. I came dangerously close to flinging my new Kindle across the room on more than one occasion. The authors’ pen was like a lancet at times, probing the tenderest parts of my heart.

One of the main themes in the book was the role of fathers, physical and spiritual, and how their presence, absence, or performance can either leave us well-equipped for life and a relationship with God, or leave us emotionally and spiritually starving. As a fatherless daughter, I can attest that the authors wrote on this subject with compete authenticity.

Beyond that, I was delighted with the writing style and imagery, and was impressed by the survival knowledge, which no doubt Don had from personal experience as a Vietnam veteran. The characters were authentic – even the villains. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. (Perhaps the Lone Soldier? Haha.) Debut authors frequently struggle with their sense of timing, but I think Don and Stephanie dwelt on all the best parts.

If I were stranded on an island, this is the book I’d want to have with me. Fortunately, I was merely stranded on my sofa until I reached “The End.”

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The Miss Fortune Series: Nearly Departed

You’re invited to the hottest bash in Sinful, Louisiana. It’s Gertie’s Tenth Annual Funeral (because why have a funeral after she’s gone and can’t hear all the good things people say about her?) and she’s pulling out all the stops, hoping to make this year’s celebration the best one yet.

Only someone has a different idea. Someone wants to take the f-u-n out of “funeral” and tries to turn fake-dead Gertie into real-dead Gertie.

Who would want to kill Gertie? And why? And can Fortune and the Geritol Mafia stop him before he attempts to kill Gertie again?

Nearly Departed is a fast-paced novella set in the world of the Miss Fortune Mysteries, complete with a splash of suspense, a dollop of humor and a pinch of heart.

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Nearly Departed was not written by Jana DeLeon. Rather it is part of the Kindle Worlds program, wherein Jana DeLeon has allowed writers to create stories using the world of Sinful and the wacky characters it’s famous for. I wish to thank Ms. DeLeon for graciously allowing other writers to explore their own writing in a most Sinful way.

This was a really fun read. It felt like Jana Deleon had written it herself. While there were not that many suspects (it is a short story after all), I found the story entertaining and hilarious. Would recommend it to fans of this series, looking for a good laugh. I also liked that there was a little more romance In this novella – nothing too heavy or serious but just enough to make the story interesting.

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Reaper’s Run: An Apocalyptic Action-Adventure Technothriller

Spend time inside a good book today! Book One of the Plague Wars series – read it or the prequel, The Eden Plague (Book Zero) as your introduction to this gripping futuristic thriller series.

“Everything needed for a great story is right here in its pages… The novel’s a fast-paced read that raises the questions we’ve come to expect from near future thrillers, but it has a freshness and a vigor — and dare I say it — a moral compass that isn’t as common as with others of its ilk.” – Charles de Lint: Books to Look For, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (July/August 2014)

When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth’s blown-off legs begin to regenerate, she thinks it’s a medical miracle. But the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately wants to quash – by any means necessary. Hunted, she must cross an America wracked by strife to try to find a family who may already be dead, searching for the inhuman secret of what started it all.

Reaper’s Run is an origins story and apocalyptic novel, the beginning of one warrior’s journey from tactical cop to freedom fighter and beyond. It leads the reader into the acclaimed Plague Wars science fiction series.

“Reapers Run” follows Sergeant Jill “Reaper” Repeth following her contracting the Eden Plague virus – a so-called disease that affects humans at the molecular level and brings with it superhuman healing, improved senses, and insatiable food cravings… following her escape from a cruise ship full of other “sickos”, a government ruse to round up anyone and everyone they see as a threat, Jill embarks on a quest to find her family – but winds up finding redemption and hope in the unlikeliest of places.

As the world begins to fall apart following the Eden Plague outbreak, Jill has no idea who to trust – and she must rely on her new-found allies to evade the very government she was sworn to protect, before she and everyone she loves winds up another casualty in a brand new kind of war… one that will change the face of humanity and life as we know it.

Reapers Run is designed to bridge the gap between book #1 and book #2 of his exciting Eden Plague series, but it also works remarkably well as a standalone novel. I read through the book in around 3 evenings and found myself not wanting to put my kindle down – the action is fast-paced and the emotional turmoil that the characters must overcome is very real indeed.

Can’t recommend this highly enough – if you’re a fan of action-packed books with a military twist, give this a go – highly recommended.

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They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend . . . but sometimes, it’s her destiny.

When strangers sweep in to save Shiloh Wallace’s rural West Virginia town, she soon realizes her humdrum “human” life will never be the same. The unnerving telepathic event rocks the suspicious high school senior with questions that leaves her desperately seeking the truth. With freak occurrences mounting at every turn, Shiloh finds herself barreling down an unimaginable path that ultimately leads to her destiny. She is a Talisman, an elemental supernatural being who can wield powers drawn from ancient stones that grant her abilities beyond her wildest dreams. Now, along with the aid of her newfound mentors, Shiloh must come to grips with accepting the illustrious Diamond Wand of Adamas as her fate, while saving her town and those she loves from an evil Talisman hell-bent on destroying everything that stands in his way of claiming her coveted diamond as his own.

Young Adult Fantasy / New Adult Fantasy
Coming of Age
Magical Action & Adventure
Paranormal Urban
Mythical Legends & Lore

*Updated- December 31, 2015

This story kept me spellbound throughout. The characters are believable even though archetypical. I felt a lot of empathy for Shiloh and her week from hell. The coal mining town where she lived touched on real life economic problems for small towns everywhere grounding the supernatural elements in believability. Great readability. Can’t wait to start the second book.

I really enjoyed this book. The author has the ability to make the reader care about the characters, just the right amount of humanizing flaws… And the villains are so deliciously evil! I appreciate that even some of the evil doers are complete villains and even the heroes have dark sides. Most of all I appreciate that each book in this series is a complete novel with a satisfying conclusion!!! A truly good writer doesn’t need to depend on cliffhangers to sell the next book…Ma. Akers has the talent to make one care enough about her heroes and anti-heroes that you want to buy the next books just to keep up with their lives. I say anti-heroes because there are very few pure evil villains, just full beings with varying degrees of good and bad… I just wish III and IV were available…I rarely return to a series when too much time passes between releases as time makes me stop caring about fictional characters…

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Black River 

When an old man sees an unidentified Civil War photograph of a woman in the newspaper, he begins a desperate search for a 160-year-old painting that he believes will match the image of the enigmatic woman in the photograph, and if it does, it will prove that his great, great grandfather did not run from battle. After the old man hires Sean O’Brien to find the mysterious painting, O’Brien discovers it’s linked to a secret letter and map that will lead to a trapdoor where a hidden key to the most horrific war on U.S. soil lies buried in mud at the bottom of a river. It’s also linked to a new murder, and there are those who will stop at nothing to keep the information hidden because to bring it to the surface will re-write American history

Loved it! What’s not to love about a Tom Lowe book! A Sean O’Brien story! He’s always in the right place at the right time to have a case fall into his lap. And he’s retired, but cases keep pulling him back in! If Tom’s books were made into a movie, they would be a hit! If you like mystery, you’ll love this book. Go back to the beginning and read them all!! Course, you really don’t need to, you can any of them in any order. They don’t leave you hanging, just leave you wanting to keep reading!!

Tom Lowe is a master story writer and I really enjoyed Black River. I lived in the area where this novel takes place and surroundings were spot on. I was caught up in this mystery and wasn’t satisfied until I reached the end. The mystery of what happened to the children will keep burning the midnight oil to find out.

Tom Lowe paints incredible pictures with his words. Some of the feats of observation and physical stamina are a bit far-fetched, but still believable in the context of the story. A thoroughly enjoyable read even if you haven’t read the previous books in the series. However, take my advice and start from book 1.

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Dead Man’s Land

Where better to get away with murder than a place where thousands are dying every day?

Deep in the trenches of Flanders Fields, men are dying in their thousands every day. So one more death shouldn’t be a surprise.

But then a body turns up with bizarre injuries, and Sherlock Holmes’ former sidekick Dr John Watson – unable to fight for his country due to injury but able to serve it through his medical expertise – finds his suspicions raised. The face has a blue-ish tinge, the jaw is clamped shut in a terrible rictus and the eyes are almost popping out of his head, as if the man had seen unimaginable horror. Something is terribly wrong.

But this is just the beginning. Soon more bodies appear, and Watson must discover who is the killer in the trenches. Who can he trust? Who is the enemy? And can he find the perpetrator before he kills again?

Surrounded by unimaginable carnage, amidst a conflict that’s ripping the world apart, Watson must for once step out of the shadows and into the limelight if he’s to solve the mystery behind the inexplicable deaths.

‘A vivid account of life in the trenches…this is a genuinely fascinating and finely researched piece of war fiction’ Daily Express

‘A hugely powerful depiction of wartime horror, a cunning murder mystery and a brilliant re-invention of Dr John Watson. Conan Doyle would most definitely approve!’ Mark Billingham

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Game Changer

The breathtaking new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of WIRED.

What if it were possible to upload years of knowledge into your mind in hours? To become expert in multiple scientific fields, become an MD, or learn several languages — in a single day? The benefit to humanity would be immense. But so would the danger . . .

Rachel Howard is a brilliant neuroscientist trying to make this capability a reality. But when she crosses paths with Kevin Quinn, a Secret Service agent desperate to kill the president, she finds herself at the epicenter of an insidious plot. A plot centered on the ultimate technological game changer. An utterly disruptive scientific breakthrough with the greatest power to transform civilization the world has ever seen.

Along with breakneck action and unexpected twists, Game Changer explores the fascinating inner world of our minds and takes a stunningly unique look at how science might someday be used to make profound alterations to the human condition — for better or worse.

“Richards is a worthy successor to Michael Crichton.” (SF

“Richards is a tremendous new talent” (Stephen Coonts) who can “keep you turning the pages all night long” (Douglas Preston)

Near Future Science Fiction Thrillers by Douglas E. Richards
WIRED (Wired 1), AMPED (Wired 2)
MIND’S EYE (Nick Hall 1), BRAINWEB (Nick Hall 2)

Kids Science Fiction Thrillers (9 and up, enjoyed by kids and adults alike)
TRAPPED (Prometheus Project 1), CAPTURED (Prometheus Project 2), STRANDED (Prometheus Project 3)

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A House Divided

Corbin Gage can stand up to anyone . . . But his own divided house will bring him to his knees.

Corbin, a longtime legal champion for the downtrodden, is slowly drinking himself into the grave. His love for “mountain water” has cost him his marriage to the godliest woman he knows, ruined his relationship with his daughter, Roxy, and reduced the business at his small Georgia law firm to a level where he can barely keep the bill collectors at bay. But it isn’t until his son, Ray, threatens to limit Corbin’s time with his grandson that Corbin begins to acknowledge he might have a problem.

Despite the mess that surrounds his personal life and against the advice of everyone he knows, Corbin takes on a high-stakes tort case on behalf of two boys who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to an alleged chemical exposure. The defendant, a fertilizer company, is the largest employer in the area. The lawsuit becomes a tornado that sucks Corbin, Ray, and Roxy into an increasingly deadly vortex. Equally intense pressure within the family threatens to destroy, once and for all, the thin threads that connect them.

Corbin must find the strength to stand up to his personal demons. Justice for two dying boys depends on it . . . his family depends on it.

“Fans of John Grisham will find much to like here.”

Library Journal of The Confession

In the book A House Divided, author Robert Whitlow follows the life of lawyer Corbin Gage as he slowly drinks himself to death while trying to run his small law practice. Corbin’s drinking has destroyed his family and he comes to grips with the fact he is an alcoholic. While trying to live sober, he embarks on a major lawsuit that could bankrupt his small law practice. His actions and this case impact his kids who are also lawyers.
This was a good book that really captured the struggles which alcoholics struggle with each day. It also emphasized forgiveness within fragmented families and living each day anew when we make mistakes.
I would highly recommend this book.

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Having been drawn to the wild for a number of years, young Luke McKinney is forced to leave 1839 St.Louis for the North Country even sooner than he expected to go. At seventeen, along with a female companion and an elderly father figure, he is literally running for his life.

With the Law pursuing him and the wilderness unforgiving, he finds himself caught up in a survival system that has nothing to do with civilization or laws.

Then the unthinkable happens, the only love of his life is taken from him. It is during the pursuit of her captors that Luke finds a strength and determination that will shape his moral existence for the remainder of his life.

This is the first book of a trilogy that spans the lives of Luke McKinney and Breanne Bruyere, their undying love, through hell and high water, for over fifty years.

Daring, thrilling, romantic, historic. What else is there? ‘Unforgetable!’

Another thrill ride from a new author! This is the second book by JR Wright and the first of a trilogy that you won’t be able to put down. With break neck speed you’ll love the characters and wish the trilogy was already available. I can’t wait until the second book is available so I can see what happens next! I was so immediately captured by this author that I read both of his books in successive nights. You won’t be disappointed!

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A serial killer on the loose, a woman with a psychotic stalker and a homicide detective who must find the connection before it’s too late.
He collects women. Imprisons them. Plays with them. Tortures them. He gathers souvenirs. His trophies are many.


Meagan McInnis is being psychologically tormented. Her dog has become restless. He barks incessantly, but when peering out into the darkened abyss, there’s no one in sight. The image of a pair of eyes staring back from the pitch haunts her. The phone startles her awake, only dead air answers her plea. Until the night she stumbles upon a grisly display in her garden.


Seasoned, Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, is working his most horrific case to date, and he’s seen some pretty gruesome things in his time. The monster he’s hunting ranks up there with Ed Gein. He wouldn’t be surprised to find lampshades made out of human skin in the psycho’s living room.


With no one else available, Thomas is called out to a crime scene in the wee hours of the morning. He’s told to pass the case off as soon as possible, so he can focus on his own investigation. But that’s before he realizes the ghastly exhibit and his case are linked. Better yet, that Meagan McInnis, is the key to discovering the Sandman’s true identity.


With his department grossly understaffed, only he and his partner, Shadowhawk, can see to Meagan’s safety. At the same time delve deep into her past to uncover just how she became the obsession of this sadistic killer before she becomes his next prize.


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