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Romance Book

Twenty-seven-year-old Rachel Stern is in a rut. Despite her mother’s best efforts, she is still single. At two-hundred and forty-two pounds, she still lives at home, the victim of a constantly-cooking Jewish mother whose force-feeding techniques have become legendary.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Rachel’s Friday and Saturday evenings are spent with her parents and her Saturday mornings consist of wedding gown shopping with her also single best friend. She is clearly going nowhere. But at least she’s not alone. Until her best friend snags a boyfriend.

Finally, unable to stand herself and her weight problem anymore, Rachel signs up for Weight Watchers.

Finnegan Schwartz, a young man who has already been successful at the Weight Watchers program, having lost a hundred pounds, champions Rachel and becomes her impromptu weight loss coach and newest friend. Rachel soon learns there’s so much more to this funny and shy guy who she’d overlooked before.

Amid her mother’s overzealous attempts to fix her up, bizarre family dinners and crises that threaten to unravel the entire Stern family, will Rachel be able to find something she’s never thought was hers for the taking: self-acceptance?

Science Fiction

Science Fiction Book

In the year 2432, humans think they are alone in the universe. They’re wrong.

Commander Noa Sato plans a peaceful leave on her home planet Luddeccea … but winds up interrogated and imprisoned for her involvement in the Archangel Project. A project she knows nothing about.

Professor James Sinclair wakes in the snow, not remembering the past twenty four hours, or knowing why he is being pursued. The only thing he knows is that he has to find Commander Sato, a woman he’s never met.

A military officer from the colonies and a civilian from Old Earth, they couldn’t have less in common. But they have to work together to save the lives of millions—and their own.
Every step of the way they are haunted by the final words of a secret transmission:

The archangel is down.

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Military Satire

Military Book

“World War II had its CATCH 22, Korea had its M.A.S.H. and Vietnam has its own comic masterpiece – Lt Col Joseph M.F. May

There are dozens of unforgettable characters, and scores of authentic scenes in Brandywine’s War. From behind the headlines, and the front-line dispatches has come this Rabelaisian novel.

Chief Warrant Officer Vaughan completed Brandywine’s War while serving his second of three tours of duty in Vietnam.

Western Fiction

Western Book

When a young man with big dreams suddenly becomes an orphan, he is faced with big decisions.

Holding to the dream of living in the Rocky Mountains that Tatum shared with his father, he begins his journey—a journey that takes him through the lands of the Osage and Kiowa and ultimately to the land of the Comanche.

A solitary man by nature, he travels by night and sees a different land than the many pilgrims and settlers of the 1840’s. Although driven by a desire to be away from people and their scheming ways, he is repeatedly drawn into the lives and problems of others. Although the ways of the woods are not new to him, he was a novice in his dealings with people, but his upbringing made him interject himself into the problems of others. The passing wagon train had more than its share of conflicts, but when Tatum spotted an impending attack by Comanche his conscience demanded he warn them.

Then when that involvement includes a smallpox plague and a defenseless tribe of Comanche, Tatum is faced with a decision to try to free the captive white women or warn the warring Comanche.

His journey to the mountains has become a journey to jeopardy.