On My Back Paws by Anna Skoyles


‘A fun, fantasy about friendship and trust’
5 Stars – Readers’ Favorite.

Do you love dogs? Then you’re going to fall in love with Seamus, the golden retriever and his exciting dog story!

This is Seamus’ story, told in his own words. Seamus is lonely. He has a lot he’d like to say; especially to his best friend Sophie, but he’s just a dog. He wants to know why she keeps on leaving him all day; has she found a new best friend?

Sophie, meanwhile, is having trouble with her new job. She can’t find the right actor to play the leading man in a film she’s working on. Seamus would be perfect for the role but he’s just a dog… until one day, with the flash of an old magic wand, both their lives change.

Can Seamus save their friendship by helping Sophie? And can he really resist being who he truly is?

The perfect book for dog lovers of all ages.

So if you love dogs, or know some one who does, join Seamus on his exciting adventure.

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