The Crux of Honor by Paula Mowery


Chelsea Wilson’s life is a constant reminder of what living dishonorably looks like. At every turn she continues to prove her mother’s shunning must be deserved.

Dr. Kevin Alley returns to the old home place to establish his medical practice. After running into Chelsea, he knows his love for her is still strong.

Chelsea is ousted from her small rented room when her mother bursts in, proclaiming Chelsea’s pregnancy.

Kevin takes Chelsea in, giving her space to live on the upper level of his house.

When Chelsea’s baby displays life-threatening symptoms, Chelsea must face her mother. Secrets unfold about Chelsea’s parents. Can Chelsea and Kevin uncover the secrets linked to Amish heritage in time to save the baby? Can the two find love together despite their history?

Chelsea, the heroine of the book, has lived her life feeling as though she can do nothing that pleases her mother, and that she messes things up at every turn. Now, she’s really done it. She’s pregnant and unwed. She’s also alone and evicted from her apartment. She runs into Kevin, a childhood friend. He’s become a doctor, and he’s still as faithful to Chelsea as he ever was. Because of his unspoken love for her, he takes her in to live on the second floor of his home and sticks by her through the baby’s birth and the child’s serious illness. But can he solve the many problems Chelsea faces as a daughter and mother? Will she ever believe she’s good enough to love him, and let him know how she really feels?
The many difficult situations pulling at my heartstrings in this novel kept me turning pages as I wondered how and if they could ever be straightened out. I rooted for the characters to resolve their problems and find happiness. I recommend this as a touching book with romance and inspiration.

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