The Dragon and the Scholar Saga: Complete Fantasy Romance Series Box Set by H. L. Burke


The complete four book series of The Dragon and the Scholar Saga,
available for the first time in a box set.

Inexperienced but determined, the young scholar, Shannon, answers a call to heal a king wounded by dragons – and pokes her own head into a nearby dragon’s lair. She finds an unexpected kindred spirit in Gnaw, a sarcastic dragon with his own agenda. With a crude knight fixing to lop off the dragon’s head, Shannon works against her royal employer to keep Gnaw’s head at the end of his neck, instead of displayed over the palace gate. Now she and Gnaw must face wicked knights, flying monsters that steal memories, a prince determined to marry Shannon, and ultimately, the curse of the Dragon itself.

Dragon’s Curse
Dragon’s Debt
Dragon’s Rival
Dragon’s Bride

 I waited to get into this series until the final book (Dragon’s Bride) launched, then I read them all at once. If this anthology had existed, I would have read it. I love the growing chemistry between Shannon and Ewan–whether they’re tracking evil wizards, or facing down the fae, or having massive amounts of sexual tension. Which is interesting, considering how Ewan is a dragon most of the time. There’s a whole story arc where he wants her to break up and marry someone else, since he’s, you know, a dragon and all. To Shannon’s credit, she sticks by him anyway.

The ending still gets me right in the heart. I highly recommend this series of adventures to anyone who loves dragons, and wishes to be loved by them in return.

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