The Dream Bucket by Mary Lou Cheatham


Ten-year-old Trudy loves Papa more than anybody else until she hears him slap Zoe, her mother. She is so angry at him she wishes he’d die. When he accidentally sets fire to the family mansion and dies in the fire, she is not prepared for the shock.
William has cautioned Zoe not to pry into his financial arrangements. She wants to know where he keeps his money in case his life should end. How will she survive as a widow? The family has nowhere to call home except a sharecropper’s shack.

Just finished reading “The Dream Bucket” and I found it captivating. The story is set in an earlier time period and her writing makes the reader feel like you are part of it. This is the first book of hers that I have read, and even though it is the third book in a series, the book is a story all its own. I enjoyed it very much.

I loved this story! It captivated me from beginning to end! Zoe’s strength and determination as she goes thru the horror of losing her husband, her fierce determination to stand on her own two feet and not be beholden to anyone, and her fierce protection of her children in spite of her weaknesses was wonderful to read.

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