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The Red Door: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery

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THE KILL ORDER: An Action Thriller Novel

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The Cortés Trilogy: Enigma Revenge Revelation by John Paul Davis (Author)

The Cortés Trilogy: Enigma Revenge Revelation

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie by Mark Nolan (Author)

Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie

The Love Killings by Robert Ellis (Author)

The Love Killings 

The Pick, The Spade and The Crow by Bill Rogers (Author)

The Pick, The Spade and The Crow 

The Back Road by Rachel Abbott (Author)

The Back Road

Invasive: A Novel by Chuck Wendig (Author)

Invasive: A Novel

Minutes to Kill by Melinda Leigh (Author)

Minutes to Kill 

Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts (Author)

Someone Must Die

 Seconds to Live by Melinda Leigh (Author)

Seconds to Live

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Author)

The Fixer

 Tier One by Brian Andrews (Author), Jeffrey Wilson (Author)

Tier One

In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred. Meet the next generation of covert ops.

John Dempsey’s life—as an elite Tier One Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper—is over. A devastating terrorist action catapults him from a world of moral certainty and decisive orders into the shadowy realm of espionage, where ambiguity is the only rule. His new mission: hunt down those responsible for the greatest tragedy in the history of the US Special Ops and bring them to justice.

But how does a man torn between duty and revenge walk the line and preserve his soul?

As Dempsey struggles with the games of spies, the case propels him across the globe in a desperate effort to prevent a new, horrifying attack on American soil.

Once, John Dempsey followed orders blindly. Now he sees behind the curtain, and the security of the civilized world rests on one question: Can a Tier One Navy SEAL adapt and become the world’s most lethal spy?

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Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Hope by Caitlyn O'Leary (Author)

Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Hope 

Dirty Little Secrets: A J.J. Graves Mystery by Liliana Hart (Author)

Dirty Little Secrets: A J.J. Graves Mystery

 Next Girl On The List by Roger Stelljes (Author)

Next Girl On The List

Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley (Author)


 The Neon Lawyer by Victor Methos (Author)

The Neon Lawyer


The Einstein Prophecy


Fractured State

A family collides with a sinister political conspiracy as the spoiled land runs dry.

In 2035, the southwestern United States is ravaged by drought, reeling from an environmental catastrophe that has left the landscape a chaotic, depleted ruin. California, still viably inhabitable due to its oppressive social controls, marshals state-of-the-art surveillance technology and totalitarian policies to preserve its fragile hold on rapidly dwindling resources and an increasingly unsettled population.

After a prominent California congresswoman is assassinated for her support of the state’s secession from the United States, Nathan Fisher—accidental witness to a clandestine military-style operation—is drawn into an unraveling conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power and threatens the lives of Fisher and his family.

Hunted by ruthless killers seeking to ensure his silence, suspected by the authorities, and aided only by a loyal Marine officer with a mysterious agenda, Fisher and his loved ones must somehow stay a step ahead of their relentless pursuers, navigating a ruined world in a desperate search for sanctuary.

A refreshing and intriguing new series! Steven Konkoly takes the reader from the Maine setting of his ‘Perseid Collapse’ series to the other side of the country. California in another twenty years into the future!

California has become a monitored and stringent state as the states to the east of it have become better known as The Wastelands. Ever a concern for the west coast, water is now almost considered a luxury and Nathan Fisher, a water reclamation engineer holds a crucial position as an employee for his county. When he becomes a witness to sabotage, he must try to find a way out of the area and keep his wife and son safe. Easier said than done when every movement is monitored by the One Nation Coalition…..

Having a former Marine father to offer advice and warnings and meeting up with Captain David Quinn who went to school with Nathan years ago should help him escape. But who exactly is after him and at what lengths will they go to silence him?

This book moved quickly with some very intense and action-packed moments. I have to admit that there were times that I found myself holding my breath as the situations escalated! An excellent story with intricate details of how many liberties were given up to ensure that a “big brother” type government kept the crime and criminals away. A fascinating read with a welcome bit of amusing dialogue. I enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it!

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Annie’s Story

Amazon Top #20 Suspense Book

Annie Taylor already knew about violence and betrayal. Now she knows the darkest lie of all. And it’s the truth. It’s the whole truth. But what will she do with it? What can she do with it?

The truth Annie discovered will sock you in the gut. Annie’s Story is an immersive read that will haunt you from beginning to end.

It’s hard to pin down a Peter Gllboy story. His novels are psychological thrillers and so nothing is straight forward—who done it, why, when, or where. Instead, the reader seems to float in a haze of the unknown, where something it seems is always within sight but not quite within reach.

I won’t rehash the plot other than to commend Annie for her devotion to her family, forgoing her own personal life to stand by her father and young sister during a tragic time when a catastrophe sidelines a near perfect family. The obscure nature in which the novel unfolds will keep you on the edge of your seat and you’ll find yourself hopeful but skeptical throughout the novel that everything is going to work out, as it should.

As Gilboy’s stories are often laced with love and suspense, Annie’s Story is no exception. Each chapter is touched by a quote from Sigmund Freud, not one of my favorite psychologists, by near perfect for the nature of the storyline. At times, Annie’s Father seems to know what’s really happening but personally he seems to appear obscure and out of focus as the trial progresses. Of course, Mr.Gilboy will not disappoint, and the twists that arise near the end will leave you speechless, perhaps horrified, and certainly angry.

I only had one question. I thought that you could testify against your spouse if you choose to do so? Again, Mr. Gilboy has hit a home run and I eagerly await the next novel. Few artists today can continue to pull off this type of thriller with such grace. Well done.

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Hold Still

After years as a patrol cop, detective Jocelyn Rush is almost immune to the depravity that stalks the meaner streets of Philadelphia…almost. After saving her three-year-old daughter from a carjacking, she ends up in the emergency room—and discovers that Anita, a former prostitute and acquaintance from her old days on the beat, has been hideously mutilated in a brutal assault.

With the help of her partner and Philadelphia’s Special Victims Unit, Jocelyn discovers that Anita isn’t the first victim of these attacks and it looks like she won’t be the last. When the violence hits closer to home, Jocelyn knows she must do whatever it takes to stop the sadistic attacker—even if it means confronting a terrible secret from her painful past.

Award-wining author Lisa Regan’s Hold Still is a captivating thriller that crackles with intensity.

Revised edition: This edition of Hold Still includes editorial revisions.

Jocelyn Rush is a character in whom I am happy to invest concern. Not too over-the-top tough, she is engaging, emphatic and compassionate.This book is a winner in every way. Well written, the plot grabbed and wafted me to the finish line without dropping a moment of interest along the way.

Yes, I did pick the bad bloke early in the piece, but this in no way spoiled this excellent story for me. The romance was realistic and touching. Regan brought all her characters to life, investing them with both good and bad qualities, even most of the evil doers.

Now I am hoping that this author is, right now, typing her fingers to the bone with a new book featuring Jocelyn and Anita chasing the crooks from their private investigation business!

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Falling in Death and Love

 Love hit when they met. Murder came later

The year: 1977. No internet, no mobile phones; tablets cure headaches not boredom.

The place: Mallorca, Spain. The Dictator is Dead, Long Live Tourism

David falls hard for Aurora and vice versa, but the holiday is over. When she returns she isn’t alone, the deadly chase already underway.

First the hitmen then the police.

‘Falling in Death and Love’ is a hard-boiled, heartfelt thriller, a breathless ride through times of change.

Love, guilt, paternity, murder – probably not in that order.

You know that feeling when you read a book and you just want to force everyone else to read it too? That’s how I would describe this novel. I’ve gifted this to a couple of people who’ve also loved it. The setting is great – you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the seventies and you’re really there on the island. I had no idea what was going to happen next at any point, and yet the plot never felt contrived. There were a lot of characters, but I got to spend time with and get to know each of them (and fell in love with a few). You definitely need to give this book a whirl if you’re a thriller fan.

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The phone rings and the offer is made, leaving you only seconds to decide. Betray your country, or watch your family drop dead before your eyes.

After the Iron Curtain’s collapse, Russia appears to be finished as a superpower. But KGB general Vasily Karpov is secretly working to restore Russia’s status by forcing Americans into traitorous acts of espionage and sabotage, with the aid of a new secret weapon. Meanwhile, his biggest target is within Russia, where Karpov is plotting to capture the Kremlin for himself.

Former US soldier and spy Alex Ferris becomes the first to fathom Karpov’s grand plans. Racing from San Francisco to Siberia, Alex must elude ambushes, assassins, and death from exposure as he wages a one-man war against a growing global threat and the resurgence of the Soviets.

Revised edition: This edition of Coercion includes editorial revisions.


“Tim Tigner is a masterful storyteller with a nose for intrigue and a careful eye for historical detail. Set in the aftermath of the collapse of the Iron Curtain, his latest book,Coercion, is a compelling tale of espionage and betrayal, one that will leave its readers wanting more.” —James A. Baker, III, 61st U.S. Secretary of State

“An entertaining thriller…with well-paced action, appealing characters, and snappy writing.” —Kirkus (Starred Review)

“A brilliant, must-read thriller—as good or better than Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum.” —John Mariotti

Coercion is the second of Tim Tigner’s works that I have read (in as many days). Just as with the first, I was spellbound from the outset…Tim Tigner has delivered in Coercion a tale that is sure to rank amongst the best of today’s thrillers.” —Patricia Reding for Readers’ Favorite

“This plan is very well thought out, and is chilling in its simplicity…the story flowed beautifully.” —Chrissi for BookLore Reviews

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Fly By Wire

 With its revolutionary fly-by-wire technology, the C-500 had become the freight airframe of choice. Until a routine delivery goes horribly wrong.Falling like a stone from six miles up, a brand new C-500 crashes in central France, killing two pilots aboard. When French officials take over this highly public investigation, they call in the best there is: they call Frank Jammer Davis.A retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, Davis is part of the NTSB’s go-team. With a reputation for getting things done-and for steamrolling anyone who gets in his way-Davis starts to dig.But just as Davis starts his investigation, news of the crash is overshadowed by a more spectacular disaster: suicide bombers attack oil refineries worldwide, sending governments and financial markets into a tailspin.A relentless Davis keeps investigating, but uncovering the cause of the crash, and its terrifying connection to this worldwide disaster, reveals a conspiracy of unthinkable proportions-a conspiracy he might not be able to stop.Jammer Davis won’t stop until he gets answers-or until somebody stops him from getting answers.

From Publishers Weekly

A serviceable hero and plot propel this largely workmanlike thriller from Larsen (Stealing Trinity). Tough, uncompromising National Transportation Safety Board investigator Jammer Davis attempts to uncover the cause of a mysterious crash of the brand new CargoAir C-500, a flying-wing cargo plane operating under fly-by-wire technology. Meanwhile, a series of terrorist suicide attacks threatens oil facilities around the world. Jammer, aided by his semi–love interest, CIA agent Anna Sorensen, will stop at nothing as he bulls his way through bureaucratic obstruction, inept and corrupt officials, hired killers, and problems at home with his teenage daughter, Jenny. Eventually, he gets on the trail of a far larger plot involving a cabal of international businessmen out for economic gain. Larsen ties up all his loose ends nicely, and a nail-biter conclusion finally heats up the action.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist

A new cargo plane crashes in France, and the National Transportation Safety Board sends Jammer Davis to investigate in Larsen’s latest thriller. Davis’ superiors want easy answers, and the easiest answer of all is “pilot error.” The plane has a sophisticated fly-by-wire design; if the crash was due to manufacturing, the economic cost of all the cargo shipments screeching to a halt would be catastrophic. Jammer has his doubts, however, and his investigation reveals a shocking conspiracy that has ties to a rash of terrorist bombings at oil refineries. Larsen is fast becoming a thriller writer to watch. He clearly knows his subject matter and has a knack for writing about technology without it getting in the way of the story or the characters. Fans of the aviation thrillers of John Nance and of Michael Crichton’s Airframe (1996) will find much to enjoy here. –Jeff Ayers

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The Last Queen of England 

While on a visit to London, American genealogist Jefferson Tayte’s old friend and colleague dies in his arms. Before long, Tayte and a truth-seeking historian, Professor Jean Summer, find themselves following a corpse-ridden trail that takes them to the Royal Society of London, circa 1708.

What to make of the story of five men of science, colleagues of Isaac Newton and Christopher Wren, who were mysteriously hanged for high treason?

As they edge closer to the truth, Tayte and the professor find that death is once again in season. A new killer, bent on restoring what he sees as the true, royal bloodline, is on the loose…as is a Machiavellian heir-hunter who senses that the latest round of murder, kidnapping, and scandal represents an unmissable business opportunity.

The Last Queen of England is a racing thriller with a heart-stopping conclusion. It follows on from In the Blood and To the Grave but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

Revised edition: Previously published as part of the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery series, this edition of The Last Queen of England includes editorial revisions


‘If you love a little history with your mystery, you’re going to love Steve Robinson’s genealogical crime series…Robinson knows how to spin generations of begats into an edge of your seat experience.’ —Cathy Cole, Kittling Books

‘It was so hard to stop reading when I was jet-lagged and exhausted that I actually woke up at 5 a.m. to finish the book. Now, that’s suspense!’ —

‘I’ve read and really enjoyed all of Steve’s books, and it’s hard to say which is best because they’re all great.’ —

‘If you’re a Dan Brown fan, like I am, this book is fantastic.’ —A Year in the Life of a Reader

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A Blind Eye

 Blood ties have an American police detective in Poland investigating a suicide that may have been murder.

“An astutely crafted, action-packed read.” – Kirkus Reviews

A Philadelphia police detective visiting Poland gets involved when murder is suspected, and the local police turn away. Adam Kaminski, with a delegation to Philadelphia’s sister city, is meant to be a polite observer only. But a good man doesn’t walk away when he sees wrong being done, and he’s not about to start now.

Visiting his family’s homeland, Adam’s been warned by his superiors to be on his best behavior. In a country that has known centuries of wars and occupation, politics are complex and layered with old prejudices and loyalties impossible for foreigners to understand. But when Adam meets a Polish cousin in Warsaw who believes his daughter was murdered, Adam is troubled by the indifference of the police… and by the strange behavior of the delegation’s Polish liaison.

Adam begins uncovering clues that point to the killer, clues that lead him inexorably into an investigation of the intricate web of Polish politics and the legacy of the Secret Police. But the past isn’t always black and white, as Adam is forced to accept as he learns more about the killer and about his own family legacy. Will looking into the murder only beget more murder?


A murder mystery revolving around government corruption in Poland.

Łukasz Kaminski wakes to find himself battered from an assault in downtown Warsaw. His memory diminished, he can’t recall the details of the attack but knows his daughter, Basia, is dead. Her death is ruled a suicide, but Łukasz is deeply skeptical because she was an exuberant girl who embraced life. A veteran reporter, he suspects her death might be a murder, potentially caused by his sensitive investigation into political corruption, beginning with a prominent minister for whom Basia had just begun working. … Meanwhile, Adam Kaminiski, a Philadelphia police officer, travels to Poland as part of a special delegation solidifying national ties between the U.S. and Poland. Adam, only picked because the first choice suddenly backed out, confesses he has no special knowledge of the country his grandfather was born in. He reads of Basia’s death in a newspaper and is both intrigued by the story and skeptical about the conclusions investigators draw about its cause. … Together, they delve into an increasingly dark web of crime, challenged by dangerous resistance. This isn’t merely a murder mystery, but reflections on the proper relation to the past and the challenges of understanding and reconciling oneself with it. … The story unfolds vigorously, keeping the reader pinned to the plot. There’s a romantic element as well: from the very beginning, Adam is pulled between two potential love interests. First-time author Jane Gorman’s prose falls short of perfection, but the artful suspense makes for a worthwhile ride.

An astutely crafted, action-packed read. –Kirkus Reviews

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Barking Madness

Seventeen-year-old Rosetta Harper is plagued by nightmares of a masked man. With her father’s new career move, her family has just relocated from Florida, to the small New England town of Ashwood, a quiet town and close-knit community where you know your neighbors, and trouble is a word unspoken. But soon after her arrival, both Rosetta’s world and the worlds of her classmates come crashing down.

Michael hates his family and feels alone and unloved. He only finds comfort when he’s with his friends, but even they get on his nerves. Everything about Ashwood and his life bores him, until Rosetta Harper moves into town. With her as a new classmate, Michael finally gets the excitement he was looking for, but it may be at too high a cost…


I was really impressed with this book, “Barking Madness” by Ryan Hill. It had an amazing plot, and overall the writing is good. But there are some issues. The good part was that this is an excellent novel overall, even though it is quite lengthy, it had a riveting plot and interesting storylines. The descriptions were vivid, and the conversations felt natural. I was surprised by a lot of things, and felt invested. Overall I really did enjoy this book and would read more from this author. He has a natural gift for crafting a well-thought out story and developing interesting, flawed, memorable characters. (4 stars) Karen Matthews–Goodreads, Indie Book Reviewers

Wow, I really loved Barking Madness!  I thought it was well-written (a few minor editing things but nothing too major) and kept my attention from beginning to end – no easy feat considering the epic length of this novel!  There seems to be something of almost everything… danger, mystery, thriller, paranormal, action, romance, teen angst….It wasn’t cliché or predictable, and I thought for the most part the pacing and prose was solid. (A bit of a slow start, but then it picks up…) Probably best suited for the 16 and over crowd, and although it’s technically a YA (young-adult) book, I can see older adults enjoying this as well. (5 stars) – Stacy Decker- Goodreads, Indie Book Reviewers


Cash Me Out: Life and Death in Paradise 

~What vile act would force you to take the law into your own hands?~

Staring out at the sunset. Water ebbing, and flowing over his feet.

John Gabriel Warden finally felt content. He found paradise. Not only did he find paradise, but he bought a house and bar on it. Things couldn’t get any better than this.

That’s what Warden thought. Until he met her. Warden didn’t start out looking for love, but destiny put them on a path towards each other. What she or Warden didn’t know was that his troubled past would be coming back to haunt them.

In this suspenseful tale of vigilante justice; Warden and his friends will be shocked out of their relative calm, and be put on a path of vengeance. Just when they thought that they put their old lives behind them, they will be forced once again to respond with the violence of action.

There is no shying away from it;  scores against organized crime will be settled. They will have to see if they can muster enough strength to make it through this deadly struggle in this criminal heist thriller.

Will they be able to wake from this nightmare, or will their dreams that became a reality be forever ruined? They didn’t start this fight, but they are more than ready to finish it.

**This is the Second book in the Warden Series. This book contains strong language, violence, murder, steamy love scenes, and is very graphic. This book is intended for a mature audience.**

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All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle

~What lines would you cross to make your dreams come true?~

Out of breath. Blood dripping from his helmet…

John Gabriel Warden is faced with a moral and ethical dilemma. Standing in the middle of a dimly lit kitchen, Warden happens upon a discovery that will change his life, and the lives of his teammates forever. Will he turn away, or will he act upon this unbelievable find that most others would shy away from?

The problem is, Warden is a United States Marine who is standing in a mansion that belonged to the former dictator during the red hot Invasion of Iraq.

In this suspense filled noir, Warden will have to circumvent more than just the enemy in a deadly journey to keep his discovery secret, and safe until the time is right. He must put his life, and the lives of his teammates on the line to reach their goal.

Warden must travel across the globe in this criminal heist thriller, and he finds that nowhere is safe. Time after time, Warden and his companions will have to reaffirm their will to continue on, after facing one daunting obstacle after the other.

Will merely surviving be enough to see their financial dream turn into reality? Will they kill or be killed? Warden is determined to finish what he, and his friends started to the very end.

**This is the First book in the Warden Series. This book contains strong language, violence, murder, military war action, and a steamy love scene. This book is intended for a mature audience.*

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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Wisehouse Classics Edition – With Original Illustrations by Sidney Paget)

THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES is a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in 1894, by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The twelve stories (eleven in American editions) of the Memoirs are: “Silver Blaze”, “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”, “The Adventure of the Yellow Face”, “The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk”, “The Adventure of the Gloria Scott”, “The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual”, “The Adventure of the Reigate Squire”, “The Adventure of the Crooked Man”, “The Adventure of the Resident Patient”, “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter”, “The Adventure of the Naval Treaty”, “The Final Problem”.

The first London edition of the Memoirs in 1894 did not include “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”, although all twelve stories had appeared in the Strand Magazine. The reasoning behind the suppression is unclear. In Britain the story was apparently removed at Doyle’s request as it included adultery and so was unsuitable for younger readers.

This edition by Wisehouse Classics includes all of the stories with the original illustrations by Sidney Paget. Review

Penzler Pick, February 2000: What is there about the greatest series of short stories in the history of the world that hasn’t already been said? This is the second (of five) story collections by Doyle about the greatest detective in literature–and a splendid volume it is, containing such superb puzzles as “The Greek Interpreter,” in which readers are introduced to Mycroft Holmes; “The Musgrave Ritual”; “Silver Blaze”; and the earth-shattering “The Final Adventure,” recounting the struggle between Holmes and the evil Professor Moriarty in which the two titans were apparently killed as they went over the edge of the Reichenbach Falls.But every mystery reader already knows this. I’m pointing out this marvelous book because it has been extensively annotated by a fine Sherlockian scholar, Les Klinger, who has brought to all serious students of the Holmesian canon a level of erudition seldom encountered. In addition to the expected illustrations from The Strand magazine and meticulous scrutiny of chronological evidence of various events, there are references to primary sources and a staggering helping of information from the thousands of works about Sherlock Holmes by others.

More than 30 years ago, another great Sherlockian scholar, William S. Baring-Gould, produced a ground-breaking volume that enjoyed more than 35 printings in its original two-volume format and probably sold just as many copies in a slightly less elaborate one-volume size. The Annotated Sherlock Holmes became the single most essential volume in the library of any true Sherlockian, of which the world has far more than you think.

Les Klinger has acknowledged Baring-Gould in every way imaginable, and it was an act of extraordinary courage to attempt to supercede that monumental work. But that is exactly what he appears to be doing. The first volume, his annotated edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, was introduced by the same publisher last year. There are seven yet to come.

If you want to master just about everything there is to know about The Great Detective and The Good Doctor, to understand what Holmes meant when he referred to “a comet vintage” of wine, and to know what discrepancies there are between the English and American editions of the works, plus a thousand other things relating to Holmes, Watson, and the England of the Victorian era, you must have this volume, as well as all the others in the series as they become available over the next few years. –Otto Penzler

From Library Journal

This BBC radio production presents all 12 short stories in Conan Doyle’s 1893 Memoirs collection, which includes such gold as “Silver Blaze,” “The Musgrave Ritual,” and “The Final Problem.” This is radio drama in the grand tradition, and the programs feature fine acting, moody sound effects, and original violin music. The stories are generally convincing, with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams taking on the roles of the consulting detective and his doctor friend Boswell. Williams is quite fine as the dutiful and often perplexed Watson, but Merrison’s Holmes at times comes across as confused and even pompous. Generally, however, he does the role justice. Pop in a tape, close your eyes, and be transported back to Victorian London. The lights on Baker Street are always on. Recommended.?Michael Rogers, “Library Journal”
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Publishers Weekly heralded the first book in Richard Bard’s Brainrush thriller series as “terrifically entertaining” and “inventive and compelling.” It went on to earn the Wall Street Journal’s #1 Action/Adventure slot in the Guide to Self-Published Big Sellers list.

Before he slid into the MRI machine, Jake Bronson was just an ordinary guy with terminal cancer. But when an earthquake hits during the procedure, Jake staggers from the wreckage a profoundly changed man, now endowed with uncanny mental abilities.

An ocean away, Luciano Battista wants a piece of Jake’s talent. Posing as a pioneering scientist, the terrorist leader has been conducting cerebral-implant experiments in a sinister quest to create a breed of super jihadist agents…and Jake’s altered brain may be the key to his success. But Jake refuses to play the pawn in an unholy war–and when an innocent woman and autistic child are taken hostage to force his cooperation, he embarks on a jihad of his own. Jake and his band of loyal friends are thrust into a deadly chase that leads from the canals of Venice through Monte Carlo and finally to an ancient cavern in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan–where Jake discovers that his newfound talents carry a hidden price that threatens the entire human race.

“A terrifically entertaining thriller with three finely executed set pieces strung together with nice characterization. Especially successful is Bronson, an amiable, low-key tough guy able to rescue his princess, survive brutality, and retain a sense of humor.” – Publishers Weekly

Brainrush explores the bonds of friendship while pushing the boundaries of science, creating a compelling, action-packed thriller with a climax that’s a knock-out!” – CJ Lyons, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Kill Zone

“If this startling debut doesn’t have you turning pages at breakneck speed, then you’re not paying attention. Rich characters, crackling dialogue, and a climactic sequence that is stunning, enervating, and innovative all at once. Richard Bard is a voice to be reckoned with.” – Rebecca Forster, USA Today Best-Selling Author of Silent Witness

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