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Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors by Mike Kowis, Esq. (A Review)

“You can’t effectively teach anything to students who are asleep.” In a breezy, yet highly practical, book on engaging today’s college students, first-time author — but long-time lecturer — Mike Kowis does an outstanding job of showing the “right” way to keep student attention high while imparting important knowledge about a potentially dry subject such…

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The Road to War by Steven Burgauer (A Review)

It’s a little after 8 a.m., June 13, 1944, and Lt. William C. Frodsham, Jr. is in the fight of his life. Eight days earlier, he and his platoon had waded ashore on Dog Green Beach along with thousands of other determined G.I.s. during the famous D-Day invasion. Then, they had slogged 12 miles into…

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Thawing A.C. Nielsen by Paul Carey (A Review)

Review by Don Sloan Get ready for the wildest, smartest, most imaginative medical mystery in years. Millennials and fans of SciFi stories everywhere will particularly love this thoroughly entertaining tale of futuristic fiction, tawdry reality TV plotlines, and spirited dialogue. It’s a cross-genre piece of epic enjoyment. Kate Pearson can hardly believe her good luck.…

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