At Odds with Destiny by Uvi Poznansky, Aaron Paul Lazar, Suzanne Jenkins & James DiBenedetto



Each one of the novels in this boxed set anthology is outside the box. Open it at your own risk!

Bestselling, critically acclaimed, and notoriously creative authors from across the book continuum join forces to bring you At Odds with Destiny, everything you’ve wanted in a boxed set but thought you’d never find: full-length, award winning novels brimming with cozy mystery, suspense, romance, and biographical historical fiction. Finding themselves at odds with destiny, the characters in these stories fight to shape their future and define who they are. Come follow them in their amazing journeys.

Rise to Power by Uvi Poznansky
Notorious for his contradictions, David is seen by others as a gifted court entertainer or a traitor leading a gang of felons. How does he see himself? Can he control his destiny and strike a balance between ambition and longing for purity?

Double Forté by Aaron Paul Lazar
In the deep cold of winter, threats erupt from the dark woods, spinning events out of hand—and Gus, tormented by the unexplained death of his wife, braces for the fight of his life.

Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins
After Jack dies, his wife Pam discovers secrets and lies. Is she destined to succumb to vengefulness against his two lovers, or will she find a different way forward?

Dream Student by James DiBenedetto
Everything was going according to plan, until the night when college junior Sara Barnes started seeing other people’s dreams. Is she the only one witnessing the secrets of a serial killer?

Let in the dog and let out the cat, for this boxed set holds dangers of the most rarefied kind!

I seek out box sets containing many authors, because of the chance to inexpensively discover new writers This box set caught my attention because it contains the work of three authors I’m already familiar with: Christoph Fischer writes rich historical fiction. I have read three of his books including the one in this set, The Luck of the Weissensteiners. Janet Morris, although I haven’t read the one included here, wrote a book a really enjoyed, called “I, the Sun” Her work “Tempus” has been on my to-read list ever since. This group of books appeals to me, because it appears to be diverse, like my reading tastes. Outview is another book I’ve already read, and it is a very unique book as is the rest of the Inner Movement trilogy – reincarnation, time travel, soul powers all wrapped up in a philosophical adventure. I can recommend those three authors easily and by association the others. I am curious as to what brought them together on this collection of books, but they do not say inside – a mystery, but my guess is that one common denominator is excellent writing. Since buying the box set, I’ve read Rise to Power, by Uvi Poznansky, which is like reading a painting. I’ll definitely be continuing on in her David Chronicles series, a breathtaking first-person account of King David’s life. So much to read . .

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