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Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1

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Books for Girls – 4 Great Stories for 8 to 12 Year Olds

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The Great Christmas Save

May I Please Have a Cookie? by Jennifer Morris (Author, Illustrator), Jennifer E. Morris (Author)

May I Please Have a Cookie? 

Christmas Stories for Kids by Uncle Amon (Author)

Christmas Stories for Kids

Candara's Gift: Free Kids The Kingdom of Gems by Jasper Cooper (Author, Illustrator)

Candara’s Gift: Free Kids The Kingdom of Gems 

Children’s Books: MR. GETAWAY AND THE CHRISTMAS ELVES by Sally Huss (Author)


The Night Before Christmas by Gennady Spirin (Author, Illustrator), Clement Clark Moore (Author)

The Night Before Christmas

Kevin and the Seven Lions by Martin Tiller (Author), Carla Tracy (Illustrator)

Kevin and the Seven Lions 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr (Author), John Archambault (Author), Lois Ehlert (Illustrator)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Turkey Claus by Wendi Silvano (Author), Lee Harper (Illustrator)

Turkey Claus

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (Author)

Princess Academy

Story Thieves by James Riley (Author)

Story Thieves

You Are Not Small by Anna Kang (Author), Christopher Weyant (Illustrator)

You Are Not Small

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving by Michael Berenstain (Author), Jan Berenstain (Author), Stan Berenstain (Author)

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Bruce The Kickin' Chicken by John Ulutunu (Author)

Bruce The Kickin’ Chicken

Sammy The Sheep Dog by Rob Dallowe (Author), Gill Dallowe (Illustrator)

Sammy The Sheep Dog 

The Hiccupotamus by Aaron Zenz (Author)

The Hiccupotamus

Bedtime Stories for Kids by Uncle Amon (Author)

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bearded by Jeremy Billups (Author)


Greenglass House by Kate Milford (Author)

Greenglass House

New York Times Bestseller
National Book Award Nominee
Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery

It’s wintertime at Greenglass House. The creaky smuggler’s inn is always quiet during this season, and twelve-year-old Milo, the innkeepers’ adopted son, plans to spend his holidays relaxing. But on the first icy night of vacation, out of nowhere, the guest bell rings. Then rings again. And again. Soon Milo’s home is bursting with odd, secretive guests, each one bearing a strange story that is somehow connected to the rambling old house. As objects go missing and tempers flare, Milo and Meddy, the cook’s daughter, must decipher clues and untangle the web of deepening mysteries to discover the truth about Greenglass House—and themselves.

From School Library Journal

Gr 4–6—The Greenglass House is the kind of ancient, creaky home in which a gothic horror story might be set, and the plot in Milford’s latest seems to be headed that way, at least at first. Milo has just finished his homework and is looking forward to the quiet time over Christmas break, when the inn for smugglers his adopted parents run is usually deserted. But in the midst of a howling blizzard, an odd assortment of visitors with secretive purposes seemingly related to the history of the building shows up at the inn. When the power goes out and items begin to go missing from the strange new guests’ rooms, Milo decides to team up with the cook’s daughter, Meddy, to figure out which, if any, of the guests arrived with nefarious purposes. Meddy’s interest in Role Playing Games (RPGs) and her insistence that she and Milo adopt new names and personalities for their quest can make certain passages confusing, as Milo often refers to and thinks of himself as his game character, Negret. A twist near the end of the story helps fold the RPG plotline into the overarching narrative, while the icy, atmospheric setting and nuanced character development propel the story forward, in spite of lingering questions about the world the characters live in. Give this one to fans of Trenton Lee Stewart’s “The Mysterious Benedict Society” (Little, Brown).—Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla, Darien Library, CT

From Booklist

*Starred Review* It’s Christmas break and adopted Milo and his parents are looking forward to a vacation all to themselves at Greenglass House, the inn where they live and routinely host benevolent passing smugglers. When five unusual guests unexpectedly arrive, and their belongings—which all have something to do with the house—start disappearing, Milo finds himself at the heart of a real mystery. With the help of Meddy, the oddball girl who arrives with the cook, and a role-playing game that gives him the courage to poke around where he knows he is not supposed to, Milo uses his knowledge of the house and his skills of observation to find the missing objects, piece together the mystery of the house, and discover a secret about the legendary folk hero who used to live there. The puzzling mystery is perfectly matched by the offbeat world of Nagspeake, a fictional harbor town enhanced by folklore and history rich enough to sound convincingly real, and the dreamy Greenglass House, with its enviable attic, snug corners, and thrilling past. Milford (The Boneshaker, 2010) weaves together compelling clues, crackerjack detective work from Milo and Meddy, and well-rounded characters to reveal heartwarming truths about Greenglass House and its residents. An enchanting, empowering, and cozy read. Grades 5-8. –Sarah Hunter

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Ocean Coloring Book: Coloring Books for Kids

 IMPORTANT – KINDLE & EBOOK edition of this coloring book is an ART BOOK and is NOT intended to be used as an APPLICATION that is capable of coloring on any device.

THIS BOOK IS A PREVIEW – The sole purpose of this preview is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book. Dive deep into the cool, blue ocean and meet these friendly creatures! Coloring this themed activity book will help relax your child, giving you the opportunity to feed him/her with knowledge without the usual resistance. Coloring increases your child’s ability to recognize colors, shapes, forms, perspectives and objects in general. Be sure to buy a copy today!

I have become a coloring book addict and this Ocean coloring book helps to excape to the beach any time I need an escape. Thanks

These books as so convenient to have in a kindle access. I can open a link and print out as many pages for my kids as I want to, and they’re very easy to access. Having portability is very convenient, all I need is access to a printer and I can print as much as I need. A great thing for a mom with three kids on summer vacation!! Love the fact these help to keep their minds occupied during the long summer months.

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Discovering the Legend of the Amazon

Are YOU ready to discover what adventures lie hidden in the Amazon rainforest?
My name is Eli Moore and I can’t wait for you to discover what I’ve found on my adventures with my dad and my dog Kara. Come with us as we hike through the rainforest, search for rare animals, and even ride down the Amazon River. Keep an eye out for my field journal sketches. They include all of the animals we found on our adventure. But, be warned! There is more to the forest than meets the eye. And one legend of the Amazon rainforest becomes the subject of my final sketch. This is my first expedition, but after these stories and sightings, it will surelynot be my last! Come along and join me on this exciting adventure!

Anna Hagele’s debut work Where’s Eli Moore will bring out the adventurer in readers young and old! Fun with an educational twist this story was engaging and thought provoking, perfect for inquisitive minds. This author skillfully incorporated facts about different animals and their environments as well as the Amazon folk tale of El Tunchi into her story all while making Eli’s adventure the main focus. With a distinctive and strong writing style Ms. Hagele’s tale will appeal to a wide audience and adds a bright new voice to Children’s Fiction!

As an elementary school teacher, I can see how this book would easily appeal to the young adventurer! The pace was ideal, and the diagrams enable the reader to become even more involved in the story and setting. I recently had my own adventure in the Costa Rica, and Ms. Hagele’s wonderfully descriptive writing immediately took me back to the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

I received and read an advanced copy, and was saddened when I got to the end… What will await Eli and company on their next adventure? I can’t wait to read the next installment!

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Peppa Goes Swimming 

An all-new storybook featuring Peppa — a lovable, slightly bossy little piggy!

Peppa and George are going swimming, but George is a bit scared. How will Mummy and Daddy pig ever convince him to get in the pool?

Both my kids love Peppa, the way these books are written are the same as the TV episodes so if you haven’t watched the episodes on TV then the stories may seem incomplete or lacking in detail. We have watched all Peppa pig episodes at least 5 times! So these books are simply an extension of what the kids watch on TV. They enjoy having me read it to them during bed time and looking at the pictures and pointing out their favorite characters. The stickers in the ‘Dentist Trip’ were really nice. Great books!

My niece loves Peppa Pig and loves to swim, so got this fun little book for her to enjoy over the summer. Peppa and George look pretty cute swimming. Like the arm floaters. These are upbeat little books which go with the TV series. The price is great on these books, too. A lot of bang for the buck.

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The Swiss Family Robinson 

The beloved adventure story of a family marooned on a deserted island and making a new home in the jungle wilderness 

Off the coast of New Guinea a storm rages for seven days, violently tossing the passenger vessel holding a family of six about the sea. Left behind by the crew and other passengers of their wrecked ship, the family has no choice but to go it alone. They fill tubs with tools and provisions they may need to survive, and set off for a nearby island—devoid of people but teeming with lush natural life. Once on the island, they build themselves a home, complete with livestock, a small farm, and a sturdy tree house for shelter. In no time, the four boys and their steadfast parents learn to thrive on the jungle island, learning just how much can be accomplished through hard work, cooperation, curiosity, and perseverance.

First published in 1812, The Swiss Family Robinson is a rip-roaring adventure tale and an engrossing novel about self-sufficiency, responsibility, and the uses and wonders of the natural world.

This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

From School Library Journal

Grade 3-5– It goes without saying that, in the process of condensing and rewriting these books down to a fourth-grade reading level, most of the distinguished aspects of the works–writing style, language, atmosphere, characterization–have been sacrificed for a simple, not to say simplistic, master-plots approach that conveys the incidents but fails to impart the justification for their continuing endurance in the canon of juvenile literature. The books are illustrated with some attention paid to the sense of the plots and characters. For those who persist in the fallacy that knowing what the so-called “classics” of children’s literature are about is a satisfactory substitution for actually experiencing them by reading the original, this series is acceptable. For the rest of us, it’s as if someone’s painted a guppy white and called it Moby Dick. –Christine Behrmann, New York Public Library
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.


This new series of Illustrated Chosen Classics is a collection of the world’s most famous stories, especially retold for children.

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The Lonely Balloon

The balloon soars high in the sky. Large, beautiful and rather lonely.

He tries hard to make friends but, being so high up, he appears aloof and distant. Something has got to give, and in a little time it does!

Discover how Balloon ends up happier, if somewhat changed …

– The pages are displayed as full spreads rather than single pages so that the illustrations can be fully enjoyed
– The full cover spread illustration, of the paperback edition, is included as a bonus

We loved this so sweet story. It helps s child use their imagination. It was easy to read and the story has so many sweet characters

Such a sweet, short tale! Beautiful illustrations. Well written. The pop up text was a nice addition. Great for those with small children.

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The Little Mermaid – Against the Shark 

Mermaid Celia and her friend dolphin Billy were racing, chasing each other, laughing and finding secret tunnels through the big rocks. Friends were swimming all the way to Lilysong Island together.

Then suddenly, they saw something. Not just something. Someone. It was a white shark with big black eyes and rows of sharp teeth that was swimming around a much smaller fish.

Thankfully, friends came up with the perfect plan to help this poor fish.

Will they be able to save the small fish?
Find out what happens next!

Is this the best adventure book ever written? Here’s what readers are saying about the #1 Bestseller “Mermaid Tale”:

“It’s a great children’s story, though, with a lot of important lessons covered in a very easy to understand way! I enjoyed reading it.” ~ Rachel

“”Very cute bedtime story. Reading while learning. My kids loved the illustration!” ~ Angela Rankin

” Mermaid Tale is pretty awesome. Giving personalities to sea life is a great way to teach values. “~ Janis

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The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve

GENRE: Children’s Adventure

Steve is a player who can find an adventure to be had every day. However a new adventure has found its way to him. Day-to-day life in Minecraft is beginning to become speckled with strange occurrences. Half-built homes, leafless trees, overpowered mobs and unknown entities only scratch the surface of the bizarre events Steve will encounter. Along the way, he guided by cryptic notes left by an anonymous player. Impossible, he thinks. Steve only plays in single player. Is this all the work of a hacker or something else? Journey with Steve to uncover the truth behind these mysteries, and discover what it truly means to be a hero.

The Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Story Books
*Book 2*
*Book 3*
*Book 4*
*Book 5*
*Book 6*

Author Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

I purchased this book so I could read it with my 8 year old son. He is absolutely obsessed with Minecraft. I have watched him play the game and even attempted to try it myself at his request. I love video and PC games, but I will confess, Minecraft is not one of my favorites. Throughout the course of several years of my son playing it I have learned about the many characters and all the different materials. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. The experience of sharing something my son absolutely loves with him was fantastic. I read with my children (8 and 3) almost every night. This book kept my son’s attention the entire time we read it. My 3 year old daughter was happy to listen to the story and my son’s commentary with the help of her stuffed MLP toy.

This book focuses on Steve.  He is the first character I remember hearing about back when my son first began playing the game. I think Steve is a great character. In this book he takes you on an amazing journey. The first person perspective makes it easy to get pulled into the story as if you were there, or at least playing too.

My son was so excited that he was talking about the book/story to his friend the next day at the bus stop. I even found myself telling my brother about it so my nephew (also an obsessed with Minecraft 8 year old) could enjoy it.

As soon as we finished this book my son asked if there were more. I am planning on purchasing the next 2 books (both at the same time to save a little cash) as soon as we are finished with our library books. I have to say that I am more of a fan of Minecraft now than I was prior to reading this book. I feel like I might give the Minecraft Story Mode game another shot now.

I was able to enjoy this awesome book at a discount. My genuine opinion of this book is that it is a fantastic story that deserves a 5 star rating.

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Rebekah – Girl Detective

Note: “The Mysterious Garden” is a short story and a quick read. (estimated 22 pages)

Rebekah Daniels is just your ordinary spunky 9 year old girl living in the small town of Curtis Bay…EXCEPT she is determined NOT to be ordinary at all!

Her small town is filled with mysteries and Rebekah is sure that she, along with her best friend Mouse, will be able to solve every last one of them.

In this fun adventure she sets out to solve the mystery that has taken over the local community garden.

As the father of 5 boys, the curiosity that is innate with all children fascinated me. Rebekah reminds me of our kids. I remember the time one got his tongue stuck to a mailbox in the winter.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back. Rebekah is a book I actually enjoyed. I would recommend it to any parent. It would be good for those that like to read, but it would be great to read to the younger ones. Now, if only she can find that darn cricket.

This is the review of my 7 year old daughter who read – this book last night. She said …”I liked the book. It is exciting and interesting.”

After reading this book she went ahead to read the remaining 4 in the series and she read them all in one sitting!

She was excited as she wrote down her review of each book for me!

That tells me that the books are ideal for young readers.

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Benny the Biplane

BENNY THE BIPLANE is a beginning reader for children ages 4-8 with decidedly educational and historical leanings. The text is that of a traditional children’s picture book for very young readers, and it weighs in at just 308 words in 24 pages. It uses repetition of simple time elements and clauses, mostly monosyllabic words (monosyllabic being one of the most ironic words in the English language), and syntactically is short and easy to read. It covers concepts such as jobs, joblessness, sadness, hope, and success, with both a resolution and an ending that reinforce the concept that even when the outlook appears dim, the future may hold better opportunities than the one that was lost.

It is unlike other children’s books because It incorporates historical black-and-white photographs of actual biplanes, including a list of illustrations in the back matter that indicates the model of biplane (and some other planes as well), approximate shooting date, and location (if available) for each photograph. It also has a drawing of a mouse flying a cartoon biplane. This additional detail (other than the mouse, probably) widens the age range of the book’s audience, provides additional information for those readers who are interested, and creates additional learning and discussion opportunities for children, their parents, librarians, and educators.

For flying nuts (we’re not sure that’s the correct term, but we’re running with it anyway), the photographs may bring back memories of the rich heritage of biplanes in the United States and Europe. For young readers, and even their parents, the initial reaction may be, “Where are the colors?” But please give it a chance. It’s a great story, and the illustrations did not drive the story–the other way around. Unfortunately, though some color illustrations could be used, it would detract from the style and consistency of the work. Other books in the series will incorporate color illustrations depending on the subject matter and appropriate style considerations.

From an educational standpoint, the book provides excellent reading practice for children who are still mastering the fundamentals of simple sentence structure and common word forms. It may be appealing to young boys who have only a modest interest in books and reading, though we have found that little girls love the book as much as or more than boys do. Children as young as three years old have enjoyed having BENNY THE BIPLANE read to them.

As a picture book, it’s relatively short, so it’s a great, easy read on those nights when a longer book won’t quite fit the bill. We hope you love it!

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One Good Dragon Deserves Another 

After barely escaping the machinations of his terrifying mother, two all-knowing seers, and countless bloodthirsty siblings, the last thing Julius wants to see is another dragon. Unfortunately for him, the only thing more dangerous than being a useless Heartstriker is being a useful one. Now that he’s got an in with the Three Sisters, Julius has become a key pawn in Bethesda the Heartstriker’s gamble to put her clan on top.

Refusal to play along with his mother’s plans means death, but there’s more going on than even Bethesda knows. Heartstriker futures are disappearing, and Algonquin’s dragon hunter is closing in. Now, with his most powerful family members dropping like flies, it’s up to Julius to save the family that never respected him and prove once and for all that the world’s worst dragon is the very best one to have on your side.


“This second story in the Heartstriker’s series takes all of the promise of its predecessor and fulfills it…One Good Dragon Deserves Another is a tightly plotted, wonderfully characterized, minimally (but adorably) romantic, futuristic tale of dragons and magic, and you should want to get your hands on it immediately.” – The Midnight Garden
“A first rate sequel that completely outshines its predecessor in every department. It reads like a thriller, is a urban fantasy, Sci-fi mashup in its plot and is a fantastic read overall. When it comes to books from author that we love, I don’t think we can ask more than that.”  – Fantasy Book Critic

“There’s something for everyone in this wholly unique series: humour, heart, and seriously great characters. If you’re not already reading the Heartstrikers series, do yourself a favour and pick it up!” – Fine Print

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 Beyond the tallest mountains, in a forest far away,
There’s a haven safe from tigers, where gentle animals stay.
They hide there from predators and live a life of ease,
Eating lots of vegetables and fruit that grows on trees.

Good books for kids are tough to find these days. Not that there are not many of them, there are, especially if you have Kindle, but it is hard to know which are good and which are not.
My kids and I loved this one. It is aimed for the little ones, I would say 3-6 years old. Story is simple yet engaging for the kids and it teaches a valuable lesson, and that is mainly the point of children’s books for me. If it has a clear and good lesson that kids will understand easily, then it is a good book, and this one certainly is. I have to mention illustrations too, animals are very cute, everything is full of colors and life and it is very pleasing to look at. In conclusion, if you have little children and you are always looking for a good book for them like most of us, grab this one, you won’t regret it.

The illustrations are done so well, much better than I was expecting for such a low price! I was also surprised they were in color, I’ve never bought a kindle book that had colored illustrations before!

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Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free

For someone who doesn’t need to follow a strict gluten free diet (or care for someone who does) it can be a difficult diet to understand. After all, the word “diet” usually means “cheat a little.” For a person with celiac, 100% adherence is very important. Yes, a crumb can make a difference. And this is the purpose of this “children’s” book, to help the important adults in the lives of gluten free children understand what gluten is, and to see that students and grandchildren who need to be gluten free don’t want to be left out of food related celebrations, even if it means eating something different.

‘Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free’ (and the identical boys’ version, ‘Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise’) follows Hailey through her first six months of a new school year after being diagnosed with celiac disease. She is very accepting of her medically required diet, offering a, “that’s OK,” when she cannot be included in a special treat that her peers can enjoy. But her good nature, which offers children with special diets a positive role model, turns sad at times, as is only natural when a person feels left out, or when they cannot eat something that looks and smells good.

In the end, Hailey’s teacher and peers understand a bit more about gluten. They secretly plan to make their Valentine’s Day party completely gluten free so she can be included. While this certainly won’t happen in every classroom, the purpose of this story is to help promote empathy and understanding. ‘Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise’ is about the acceptance that is required by the child with a special diet and it is about the understanding that is required by those who are important parts of his or her life.

*Teachers, if one of your students requires a gluten free diet, please ask him or her first before reading this book to the entire class. While some children are thrilled to share a book that is about themselves, some children don’t want to be the focus. But please do read it for yourself; your understanding of gluten free is very important.

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The Last Dragonslayer

In the good old days, magic was indispensable—it could both save a kingdom and clear a clogged drain. But now magic is fading: drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets are used for pizza delivery. Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians—but it’s hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. And then the visions start, predicting the death of the world’s last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. If the visions are true, everything will change for Kazam—and for Jennifer. Because something is coming. Something known as . . . Big Magic.

From School Library Journal

Gr 4-8-Once magic was powerful and very useful, but as the dragons have been dying off, it has been fading. Now its powers are only used for mundane purposes such as rewiring houses or delivering pizzas by magic carpet. With the prediction of the death of the last dragon by Kazam Mystical Arts Management’s seers, 15-year old foundling Jennifer Strange, the agency’s acting director, is suddenly sent headlong into events that will change her life and the lives of all in the UnUnited Kingdoms. Little does she know the role she is destined to play in the dragon’s death or in the coming of what is known as Big Magic. Suddenly Jennifer becomes known as the Last Dragonslayer, and is fighting off commercial endorsements and driving the armored Slayermobile while trying to avoid a war between her kingdom and the neighboring duchy. While this all seems very dark and ominous, Fforde keeps the puns and humor flowing, and populates the tale (Harcourt, 2012) with outrageous individuals and fantastic creatures. The plot is engaging, and Jennifer is a mature and well-developed character whose intelligence, strong morals, and ingenuity help her through some very difficult decisions. Elizabeth Jasicki channels the book’s wittiness impeccably, and presents each character with just the right voice and accent, from polite Jennifer to the gruff, wizened Maltcassian the Dragon. Listeners will be captivated by this first title in a trilogy and will eagerly await the further adventures of Jennifer, her pet quarkbeast, and her assistant, Tiger Prawns.-MaryAnn Karre, West Middle School, Binghamton, NYα(c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.


“Fforde’s forady into children’s books will delight readers who like their fantasy with a dash of silliness.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Fantasy readers with a taste for the silly should appreciate the subverted tropes.”–Kirkus  “Thoroughly entertaining . . . readers will easily sit back and enjoy the fun.”–Booklist

“Fforde’s fantasy is smart, funny, and abundantly imaginative in its critique of commercial culture.”–Horn Book

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Secret Agent 6th Grader

Age Level: 9 – 12 | Grade Level: 4th and up

My name is Brody Valentine (please don’t make fun of my last name), and this is the story of how I accidentally became a 6th grade secret agent at my school. My life is plain and boring, but I do my best to keep it that way. That’s why when a dangerous secret fell into my lap, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. Everything I knew to be true was completely flipped around and suddenly I’ve found myself buried in special codes and conspiracies. Now I’m being hunted after because my brain knows a secret so huge your head would explode if you heard it.

Secret Agent 6th Grader is a thrilling mystery that’s entertaining for children ages 9-12, middle school students, and adults (who never grew up).

I chose to give Secret Agent 6th Grader by Marcus Emerson, Noah Child 5 Stars because it was absolutely excellent. There was suspense and mystery, yet all in the excitement of A: the ninja secret agent theme and B: a book! I would recommend this to anyone from 3rd to 8th grade. I git this boo the summer before 6th grade and it made me think that I can help the school even as the “newbie” I love it!!!!!

This is a fun series. My ten-year-old has really enjoyed the story – it’s campy, but lots of fun, and well written for fifth to sixth grade readers, and perhaps even some fourth graders.

This book gives  the knowing that they can be apart of any group no matter what they are good at. They can step into a room as one person, and step out of that room as someone totally different. This is a great book for children because it really stretches their imagination.

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Children’s book:”HOORAY, WE’RE 10!! – Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership
“One” woke up feeling down one day,
He knew he wasn’t special in any way.
His friends the big numbers each had a job,
And Zero below him was a do-nothing slob.

A tale of friendship and cooperation which teaches the toddler numbers 1-10 in a funny way.
Anthropomorphism of the numbers helps toddlers to memorize and learn to easily identify 1-10.

Another wonderful story for children, of Sigal Adler. So colorful and very imaginatively, entertaining and full of moral.
Like other books of the author, this book also is written in rhyme, for perfect enjoyment of the children and their parents.
The book is accompanied by colorful and charming illustrations. Warmly recommended!

A tale of friendship and cooperation which teaches the toddler numbers 1-10 in a funny way. Anthropomorphism of the numbers helps toddlers to memorize and learn to easily identify 1-10. Great writers became great because they never tried to be all things to all people; instead, they wrote work that resonated with their audience. In this case, this is a children’s book and the author has done an amazing job of following themes that children can understand. The pictures add a level of understanding so deep that words alone couldn’t achieve. I think that the children will love this story and they will learn the value of friendship.

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 Laura Sue wanted to be a princess with all her heart. However, she was not from a royal family; she was from an ordinary family, which included an ordinary brother.

One day to her delight, her teacher announced to the students that they could be anything they wanted to be. This was music to Laura Sue’s ears, until she announced her desire in front of the class. Laughter dampened her spirits, as did the reality that her family members offered. However, a beautiful, golden angel came to her rescue and told her how to become an ordinary princess. She gave her the formula and it is one every child could follow should he or she wish to become an ordinary prince or princess.

Over 30 charming and colorful illustrations dance along with the text.

If this sounds like something you would like, scroll up to download your copy.

Be sure to take a peek at HOW LITTLE LEIGH MADE FRIENDS, another very sweet and whimsical book by Sally Huss.

I originally gave this 4 stars but I had to come back and change it to 5 stars because my granddaughter keeps asking for me to read it to her again. She is almost 6 and this story definitely appeals to her. So if you have any 5 or 6 year old little girl they will probably want to hear it again and again.

Laura Sue lives in an ordinary house with an ordinary family. When she tells them that she would give anything to be a princess, they tell her that she is aS valuable as a princess to them, but that it is just not possible to be a princess. Laura is confused when her teacher tells her that she can be anything she wishes when she grows up. Feeling despondent Laura falls asleep and is visited by a golden angel. The beautiful angel informs her that while she cannot be a royal princess, it is possible to be a ordinary princess by gaining the respect and appreciation of those around her. So Laura Sue is kind, happy and helpful to all those she meets. She recognizes the true meaning of princess.

Like other Sally Huss books targeted for ages two through eight, the bright and simple pictures correlate perfectly with the text and message. This book will work with your little princes as well!

Amazon Link

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The Lost Pony of Riverdale 

“…once I started reading it I honestly couldn’t stop. Each chapter was thrilling and left you wanting more.”Amazon 5* review

Poppy McKeever is reluctant to move to an old cottage on Dartmoor – until she discovers that her new home comes complete with its own pony.

But life at Riverdale is not as straight-forward as it seems, especially when Poppy spies a flash of white in the woods next to the cottage.

Her stepmother Caroline is acting strangely and her adrenalin-junkie brother Charlie is on the hunt for big cats. But will Charlie’s obsession drive the two children into dangerous territory?

And when Poppy is faced with a terrible dilemma – to save her brother or the pony she has always longed for – who will she choose?

The Lost Pony of Riverdale is an equestrian adventure book about friendship, ponies and horse riding.

The Lost Pony of Riverdale was a fantastic book–it had complex and interesting characters, suspense, real life problems many readers could relate to and the author knows her ponies. It was a quick read and though it is aimed at a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. Looking forward to reading what adventures Poppy and Cloud have next! Would highly recommend this book and this author for all horse lovers.

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Tip of the Toes

 The New Bestseller.

Updated: Now with 5 Bonus Stories (with 150 pages of pure fun)


Are You a Princess?
Pizza Palace
Krystal Kitten and
The Cleverest Princess.

If your child enjoys stories from authors like Kate DiCamillo, Cynthia Rylant,
Mem Fox or Gary Paulson then your child will love this beautiful ballerina story told by Lily Lexington.

This is a tale about a young ballerina as she prepares for her big concert. Follow her as she attempts to conquer her fears about performing in front of an audience in this heart warming tale.

– Beautiful, color illustrations that will captivate your young child.
– Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest

Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone of the story while your older children will particularly like the rhyming story format.

Pick up your copy today!

Colorful children’s book about ballerina’s and how they practice.
Different parts of the body and the way they move them.
She feels she is not ready for the recital til the teacher gives her a glittery bow to wear.
She then feels more confident. Magic bow… other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

This book is about a little girl who is a ballerina. She finds out that she will be in a recital but gets scared because she doesn’t think that she could dance in front of a crowd. Her dance teacher gives her a crown and tells her that it’s a magic crown. The little girl wears it and she dances beautifully. This is a book that has some rhyming in it, colorful and beautiful pictures in it. I highly recommend it to all those with aspiring ballerinas.

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