Isabella: Book #2 in the House of Donato Series by Patricia M Jackson (Author), Ingrid Hall (Editor)


Humor. Love. Conspiracy.

Chad “Manic” Murphy, is an amusing and charismatic hockey star on the rise. His tutor is the gorgeous Isabella Donato, his teammate’s twin sister. If only he hadn’t promised never to touch her. Though his life is in turmoil, he charms his way into her heart. When she comes to her senses, her follow-the-rules mentality often clashes with his oblivious, impulsive ways.
Murphy’s one-sided decision to turn pro, throws them into a cycle of unanswered longing. He stumbles upon a lawless domain driven by a man who has the power to destroy his world. Can Murphy clean up his chaotic life and once again sweep Izzy off her feet? Tragedy leaves her wondering if they could ever make it work.
Isabella is the second in the new adult romance series “The House of Donato”. If you like an enjoyable light-hearted romance, with sensitive love scenes sure to delight and arouse, download this unpredictable and compelling read today.


Isabella Donato just can’t resist those electric blue eyes of Chad Murphy. They are the main reason she fell in love with him. But now, on the eve of their marriage, she’s experiencing twinges of doubt. Why?

Why, indeed? This is the intriguing start to Patricia M. Jackson’s latest novel, and it’s an absorbing, unique tale of romance and conflict, set against the backdrop of professional hockey and small town values.

Isabella takes on the task of tutoring Chad so he can keep his grades up and continue his role as “Manic Murphy” on the Northern Michigan University hockey team. It’s no easy feat. Chad is dyslexic and cannot read. It’s a miracle he’s come this far academically.

But the tutoring sessions turn torrid when Chad and Izzy find they just can’t keep their hands off each other. These scenes are particularly well done, and they are guaranteed to steam up your reading glasses.

We give Isabella five unqualified stars and can’t wait for more from this talented storyteller.

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