Marie  by Ana Elise Meyer


 The human search for a solution to disease and physical decay has driven many to go to extreme measures.

Dr. Carl Stanley’s efforts are no exception, his creation, Marie becomes the picture of physical perfection; possessing the ability to heal at a rapid rate. She has been groomed from infancy to apply her gifts in the service of war. However even a woman given all the physical gifts in the world is not immune to pain and suffering.

One can only be pushed so far before pushing back. Can they handle what they have created….Can she?

Sometimes the cure is far more dangerous than the disease…..

Marie by Ana Elise Meyer will catapult the reader through this action thriller with twists and turns. It will surprise and shock even in the final pages!! The heroine, Marie, is a strong but tortured woman, trying to resolve the traumatic events that have been thrust upon her. Taken as an infant and raised by a secret, government organization determined to create the perfect warrior, Marie is forced to conform to the rigors and hazards of this elite existence. That is, until she discovers the one person willing to defy her controllers and escape with her. But, there is no freedom for the ‘perfect’ warrior, not without a price. This is the first thriller novel on my bookshelf, and I’m happy, I gave it a chance. For a fast-paced story with a formidable heroine, a diverse cast of characters and a terrific set-up for the sequel, Marie will not disappoint. I highly recommend it.

John Tyler is looking for funding a program that will research ways to help humans heal faster from serious injuries–in order to better humanity. What he gets instead is the story of Marie, and how experiments have already given her that ability. This military experiment had darker motives: to create unstoppable killing machines.

The story is fast-paced, with plenty of action. If you like exploding bombs, and assassins out for revenge, you’ll be certain to enjoy this story. Without giving anything away, it has some great twists and the perfect ending to set the reader up for the story to continue without leaving loose ends to the first book.

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