The Little Mermaid – Against the Shark  by Chloe Sanders


Mermaid Celia and her friend dolphin Billy were racing, chasing each other, laughing and finding secret tunnels through the big rocks. Friends were swimming all the way to Lilysong Island together.

Then suddenly, they saw something. Not just something. Someone. It was a white shark with big black eyes and rows of sharp teeth that was swimming around a much smaller fish.

Thankfully, friends came up with the perfect plan to help this poor fish.

Will they be able to save the small fish?
Find out what happens next!

Is this the best adventure book ever written? Here’s what readers are saying about the #1 Bestseller “Mermaid Tale”:

“It’s a great children’s story, though, with a lot of important lessons covered in a very easy to understand way! I enjoyed reading it.” ~ Rachel

“”Very cute bedtime story. Reading while learning. My kids loved the illustration!” ~ Angela Rankin

” Mermaid Tale is pretty awesome. Giving personalities to sea life is a great way to teach values. “~ Janis

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