Ting Tang Tony  by Kat DeSalle (Author), Kristin Leigh Jones (Author)


 Tall, dapper, and handsome…yep
Made millions…yep

20 years and still going strong in the porn industry…wait… no? Damn.

Tony DiMarco left college to be porn star, but he certainly didn’t aspire to be one. Life happens. The same industry that’s embraced him—made him Ting Tang Tony—has spit him out faster than an actress does after a money shot when the director calls cut. He was resigned to enjoying his life alone with friends—the family—he’d made in the business. Tony didn’t expect his world to turn upside down in Florida…of all places. Bowled over by love, or more like he bowled over the gorgeous and ever upstanding, Emily Grant—literally. She’s beautiful, hilarious, and intelligent and she knows nothing about him and his shortcomings, but he has to have her. He knows she’s perfect for him and won’t stop until she’s his. Will the 2,500 miles between them, insecurities, and the aspects of his past keep them apart?

Can Tony prove it’s not the size of the package that’s important, but what’s inside that matters most?

The Has-Been Series follows four men on their journeys through their careers, loves, friendships, and the eventual pursuit of happiness in this rat race called life. Their paths just happen to intertwine in the adult industry, where they have all made a name for themselves at one point. Despite their different backgrounds, the men bonded—made their own family. Each man, each story, is its own, but related to the next. It’s not a series about porn, it’s about growth and the very flaws that make us interesting and unique. There will be times throughout these books when you won’t think it’s possible for the men to sink any lower, or for you to adore them and their tales any more. One thing always rings true throughout this series: enjoy your life, your family, and your friends—cherish every moment and remember to laugh your ass off the whole way through. Everyone needs to hear a good dick joke once in a while. Come take a ride on this boundary pushing series with depth and humor.

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